Anal intercourse and why men want it

Lack of sufficient information about sex is one of the main problems in our country and this can easily lead to accidents; Having anal intercourse This is one of the cases where most people have no information about this type of relationship and how to establish it! In the continuation of this article, we will examine how to establish this relationship and its effects. Be with Dr. Salam.

Disadvantages of anal intercourse It is much more dangerous than even a couple to think about. Bleeding and anal incisions after Anal intercourse It also takes a woman to the point of contracting HIV.Anal intercourse

We all know that this kind of relationship is not acceptable in Islam at all and from a medical point of view, because the authorities have also expressed strong hatred for this abnormal sexual act in a situation in which the woman is “satisfied” to perform it. Otherwise, proximity from behind is forbidden. For this reason, if the “wife” is not satisfied with this act, the husband cannot legally force his wife to do so.

Why are men more likely to have anal intercourse?

One of the reasons that draws a man to closeness from behind is the man’s failure to Orgasm Delivery to his wife. And suffers from this issue; Therefore, he tends to approach from behind. In this case, the woman lovingly helps her husband to prepare for orgasm faster by touching and playing with her sexually sensitive positions. In this case, the “man” feels power and pleasure and gives up his request.

Anal intercourse and why men want it

Anal hygiene is a must!

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Because there is less fat in this area and the anus is less elastic, it is better to wet this area a little to prevent infection.

Just asking your spouse is not enough

It is very wrong for you to enter into this relationship just because of your spouse’s wishes and without any desire on your part, and it will have bad consequences! Among them, we can name the effects of couples’ relationships and coldness, as well as the destructive psychological effects!

Do not forget the lubricant

Anal sex Dryness is uncomfortable and can cause pain and discomfort. It is better to use a water-based silicone to make it more fun.

Using a condom in anal intercourse

You should not use a condom if you want to have both vaginal and anal sex. If you want to turn anal sex into vaginal sex, you must change the condom. Women get infected quickly if the bacteria in this area get into the vagina.

Pregnancy in anal intercourse

Note that anal intercourse and having sex from the back as mentioned above and even pouring semen into it and the end of the intestines has nothing to do with pregnancy and the probability of pregnancy from behind is zero.

In some cases, intercourse from behind did not mean penetrating the anus Penis The man is placed near the vagina. In this case, if semen is spilled on the outside of the female genitalia, it is possible that some sperm will stick to the surrounding walls and enter the vaginal canal. In this type of communication, there is a possibility of damaging the hymen.

Complications of anal intercourse

Due to the proximity of the anus to the vagina, it can cause viruses in the intestine to enter the vagina and cause infectious diseases in this area, such as fungal discharge in the vagina, bladder infection, warts, herpes, kidney infection and even cancer. N.

The inner wall of the large intestine (inner part of the anus) has the ability to directly absorb substances and transfer them directly to the blood. According to statistics, the transmission of the HIV virus. Oh you. وی. through Sex The anus continues to have the highest risk of transmission.

1- Bleeding:

If anal intercourse is not done carefully, due to the presence of small capillaries in that area, it will lead to more or less bleeding.

2- AIDS transmission:

Due to bleeding in anal intercourse, the possibility of transmitting the virus AIDS goes up. It is better to use a condom during anal intercourse. Unless it is a guarantee that your partner is not infected.

3- Anal cancer:

Some reports suggest that anal intercourse increases the risk of anal cancer.

4- Pain:

Severe pain is another problem with anal intercourse.

5- Infectious diseases:

Especially if after anal intercourse and before complete washing of the parties, sexual intercourse is performed from the front.

6- Anal damage:

The receptors in the anus are very sensitive, so as soon as the stool enters the end of the rectum, the person feels the need to go to the bathroom. These receptors are so sensitive that one understands the difference between gas and feces, that is, it is not just traction, it separates them.

7- Stool incontinence:

The destructive effects of anal intercourse are innumerable! Having anal intercourse constantly causes damage to the annular muscles that control the task Anus The consequences of which include damage to the sphincter muscle and incontinence in defecation control.

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