Anemia – causes, symptoms and treatment

If you are anemic, your blood does not carry enough oxygen to the rest of your body. The most common cause of anemia is not having enough iron. The body needs iron to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that is red in color. It transports oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. Anemia has three main factors: blood loss, lack of production of red blood cells, and a high rate of destruction of red blood cells.

Anemia means a decrease in the number of red blood cells and has different causes, but the most important of them is the lack of iron in the body.

If you have mild anemia, you may not have any symptoms, and even if you do, you may not notice your anemia, or you may mistake it for another disease.

Now we will tell you what are the common symptoms of anemia so that you should see a doctor:

1- Pay attention to your skin. Is your skin pale?

In the case of anemia, even if your skin color is normal, but your lips are paler than normal and your skin is lethargic and tired.

2- Do you always feel tired and lethargic? These are common symptoms of anemia.

3- Do you have frequent headaches? Or do you have no appetite to eat? These are early symptoms of anemia.

4- Have you suffered from constipation? This is also one of the early symptoms of anemia and it occurs without any change in eating habits (ie, for example, without reducing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, you get constipated).

The only way to diagnose anemia is to take a blood test.

5- Is it hard for you to concentrate? This issue affects your work or doing your homework.

6- Do you like to eat strange things that are not edible, like dirt or paper? Such a state is called “pica”.

7- Pay attention to your mental and emotional states. Anemia can cause depression.

8- Do you feel short of breath? Red blood cells form a vital part of the breathing process and this symptom occurs in moderate to severe anemia.

9- Do you feel that your fingers and toes are always cold? This condition occurs due to the reduction of blood flow in the fingers and toes due to anemia.

10- Do you feel weak or dizzy? In severe anemia, you feel very weak when you get out of bed, or you feel dizzy when you get up.


* If you suddenly find sores on your tongue or mouth, or if you are a woman and you have missed your period once, it indicates that you are anemic.

* If you eat processed and prepared foods most of the time, or eliminate some meals (such as breakfast) from your meal plan, or eat small meals, or do not use all food groups, iron and other substances may Do not get enough nutrients. In this case, if you have the symptoms mentioned above, you are probably suffering from anemia.

* Anemia can be caused by basic medical problems and insufficient intake or absorption of iron in the body. The only way to diagnose anemia is to take a blood test. If you think you are anemic, be sure to see a doctor.

* If you doubt your anemia, never take large amounts of iron supplements, because taking large amounts of iron is toxic and has bad side effects.

For a definite diagnosis of anemia, you must see a doctor and you cannot say that you are suffering from anemia based on the above symptoms, because the symptoms of anemia can be similar to the symptoms of other diseases and iron deficiency alone is the cause. Anemia does not occur.

* If the above symptoms persist, or you have a specific medical problem, be sure to see a doctor. The information presented to you in this article cannot replace professional medical advice or treatment.

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