Animal oil and these beneficial effects

How much do you know about the benefits and therapeutic properties of animal oil? What problems will this oil be effective in treating?

Nutritionist Mohammad Ali Anoushe said: Today’s edible oils are cold oils that have industrial uses rather than edible benefits.

Anoushe reminded: Today’s edible oils are often composed of a mixture of oils such as soybean oil, canola oil, palm oil and sunflower oil.

He pointed out that the use of these oils has many harms and irreparable side effects, and added: In order to prevent common cardiovascular diseases from the use of these oils, we recommend oils to maintain health. which has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and the amount of saturated fats in it is small.

He further added: Oils such as real animal butter (cow-sheep), sesame seed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil are edible oils that have very beneficial properties for the body.

In the end, he acknowledged: the benefits of animal butters include bone building, reducing blood concentration, detoxifying the body, and reducing excess belly fat.

I have to say; Due to the benefits of natural oil, people with high blood pressure and diabetes should be cautious in consuming these oils.

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June 27, 1395 14:39

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