Appendix and its role in the body

What role does the appendix play in the body? What does this organ do for our body? What changes will occur in the body when someone has appendicitis?

We all think that the appendix has no special function in the body and removing it will not disturb the body’s order. But the idea is changing.

Scientists have finally succeeded in understanding the main function of the appendix in order to erase the title of “pure indifference” from its name! The question is, what does the appendix really do? The human appendix is ​​nothing special and is in fact even superfluous; Scientists say the appendix is ​​a haven for healthy bacteria.

The appendix helps the body to restart the digestive tract in case of dysentery (bloody diarrhea) and cholera.

Researchers at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina say that the human body stores healthy bacteria needed in the intestines in the appendix. Dysentery and cholera kill essential bacteria. So if the body needs to regenerate the digestive tract, it will use the bacteria in the appendix.

“If the appendix becomes inflamed, it should not be kept because it works,” says Professor Bill Parker.

The present finding was the result of several studies, including research on koalas. Koala has an elongated appendix that plays an important role in the digestive cycle of koalas, which is based on the eucalyptus plant.

Nicholas Wardaxis, an associate professor in the Department of Medical Sciences at the Royal University of Melbourne, agrees with the theory that the appendix works. “Faradid”,

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