Are sexual problems effective in Iranian divorce?

Divorce in Iran is increasing day by day and divorce is now normal for many families and women. There are many problems that cause divorce between the two parties. There are sexual problems, but do sexual problems really affect Iranian divorce?

Research shows that in 60 to 70% of divorces, sexual problems are one of the main causes.

You may have heard that marriages do not last long today and end in divorce with the slightest issues! Some blame the change in lifestyle and the lack of patience of today’s youth on divorce, and some blame economic problems. In any case, published statistics show that divorce is increasing rapidly to the point that one in three marriages is reported to lead to divorce!

Divorce is a multifactorial phenomenon, and therefore there are no accurate statistics on the root cause of divorce. But according to research conducted by the Family Research Institute at Beheshti University and studies conducted in 2012, it is clear that in 60 to 70% of divorces, sexual problems are one of the main causes.

Services of sex clinics in Iran

One of the most important things to consider before marriage is sexual psychological training. Because these trainings can create a better knowledge and understanding of the person and the other party. Therefore, it helps them to know the role of their organs in sexual functions and to choose their spouse more consciously according to their desires and preferences.

That is why in the summer of 2015, the news of the opening of sex clinics came, until in January of last year, the Ministry of Health, considering the importance of the couple’s marital problems, started to set up family health clinics. In fact, sexual health clinics began to address three categories of people in the field of sexual health; The first is the worries, concerns and questions that have occupied people’s minds, the second is the problems caused by other variables such as chronic diseases, disabilities, old age, differences of opinion, lifestyle or even sexual preferences of couples and finally diseases such as communicable infections. They are treated in these clinics through sexual contact and sexual dysfunction.

Shame on talking about sexual problems between couples

In our country, due to the limitations of sexual literacy, girls and boys do not know each other before marriage and face problems after they start living together. However, the shame of talking about such issues increases the problems. Shame and embarrassment among Iranian couples means that they do not even go to sexual health clinics and most people prefer to have telephone counseling.

In fact, this telephone consultation on sexual issues and problems has started privately and with the permission of the Ministry of Health. This consultation is done at a cost of one thousand tomans per minute.

Prevention before treatment and going to sexual health clinics

Awareness of sexual issues is one of the taboos of society and sometimes people do not have enough and correct information in this field until after marriage. Therefore, the existence of these clinics can be a good place for those who feel the need to know about these issues. And they do not go to unreliable sources to find their answers. But these clinics may not be suitable for everyone.

Recently, Dr. Arash Ramezani, a specialist in sexual health and a member of the Family Research Institute of Beheshti University, said: “In medicine, prevention is always recommended before treatment and it is preferred over it.” Since many sexual problems are due to lack of coordination between men and women who are about to get married, so it can be said that the role of premarital counseling, especially during marriage, can be very important in reducing problems.

He added: “Of course, counseling about sexual dysfunction before the couple becomes Muharram is not very effective, but after that and immediately after the marriage and the continuation of several sessions during the marriage can be very useful for young couples and in preventing many Problems that lead to sexual perversion are effective, as well as improve the quality of the couple’s marital relationship. For this reason, we recommend prevention before treatment and referral to sexual health clinics, and of course, it is necessary to emphasize that due to the sensitivity of the issue, counselors should have sufficient expertise and expertise in this field.

Now, it is good to visit these centers before marriage and to recommend those who intend to get married to participate in these meetings in order to continue in marriage and solve many possible problems.

Source: Health News

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