Are you aware of these properties of rice water?

And to maintain the beauty of our skin and hair, we have to use cosmetics.

But despite the different products on the market, the choice has become very difficult.

Because the vast majority of these products have a high percentage of chemicals and additives that are more harmful than useful.

If you are looking for a completely natural way to care for your skin and hair, rice water is the best option.

This milky solution obtained by soaking or boiling rice in water is one of the most amazing secrets for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

The use of rice water has been common among women in parts of Asia for centuries, and they use rice water to cleanse their face, body and hair.

Maintain skin health

Rice water is known as a cleanser to remove stains caused by sun damage or aging.

Rice juice contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A and flavonoid compounds that are very effective in minimizing the damage caused by sunlight on the skin.

Starch in rice water is also naturally found in:

-Treat eczema

-Treat acne

-Relieve skin inflammation

Reduce redness of the skin surface

And it is effective in cleaning stains.

Maintain healthy hair

When the International Journal of Cosmetic Science conducted a study on the properties of rice water, it introduced this solution as a hair conditioner and conditioner.

Rice water because of its nutrients can help us maintain healthy hair.

To see the special results of rice water on your hair, wash it once or twice a week with cold rice water.

Source: Iran Matlab

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