Are you familiar with the symptoms of MS?

Some symptoms in the body indicate that you have MS. These symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, weakness and blurred vision. There is no definitive cure for MS, and if diagnosed early, it can be prevented from progressing in the body.

You may have been feeling tired or weak lately. Or you feel a tremor in your legs. So you do a quick internet search and you get a warning result:

“Your symptoms are one of the signs of MS, a disease of the brain and spinal cord.”

Before you worry, you need to know that the symptoms of many illnesses are the same as the symptoms and problems you are experiencing. Therefore, the final diagnosis of the disease can not be given with just a few symptoms. In this article, you will learn about the symptoms of MS and its similarity to other diseases.

How do I know if you have MS?

First note that most people are affected MS Symptoms of Robin’s disease are observed in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Then you can read the symptoms of MS so that you can better understand this disease and if you have these symptoms, be sure to see a specialist.

feeling irritated

Tingling or tingling sensation can be the first sign of MS. It usually occurs on the face, arms or legs and on one side of the body. But these symptoms are not just for MS. Fatigue and burning can also be caused by a lack of blood flow.


Does the room revolve around your head? MS can cause dizziness or imbalance, usually when you are standing and moving. Do we just have to feel dizzy with dizziness? No, if you feel dizzy or nauseous, or if you walk to one side, you may also have problems with your inner ear. And this problem will upset your balance. Medications such as antidepressants and seizure disorders may cause similar problems.


About 80% of people with MS feel tired, and this is one of the most common symptoms. But there are other factors that can make you tired, such as sleep disorders, depression, or excessive iron in your blood.

If you are still tired or suddenly tired after a good night’s sleep, and your tiredness gets worse in the heat and humidity, it is best to first make sure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly, have a balanced diet, and Keep your stress under control. See your doctor if you still feel tired despite all this.

Are you familiar with the symptoms of MS?


Sudden weakness, especially in the hands or feet, is a sign of MS. If you feel weak all the time, there is a possibility that there is another problem. You may have a cold or the flu. Or you may have a low red blood cell count, which is a sign of anemia. Weakness on only one side of the body can be a serious problem, such as a stroke.

Blurred vision or loss of vision

You are reading a book and suddenly you see the lines in pairs or the page turns gray. Visual problems caused by MS occur suddenly. They are:

Blurred vision, or diplopia
A dark spot in the eye
Lack of control in eye movements

But these are just signs MS disease You may not just need a new pair of glasses. Diabetes can also cause these disorders in your eyes.

Tongue tie

Affected people MS They may stutter. Words are not pronounced clearly and there are long pauses between words or syllables.

However, these symptoms can be seen in people who have consumed too much alcohol, as well as brain damage or stroke.

the pain

About 55% of people with MS say they have pain in some parts of the body, while 48% have long-term pain. Also burning and pain in the face, severe pain that is pushed from the back to the spine, and burning or pain throughout the body and pain due to stiffness or muscle spasm. Pain occurs for many reasons. But be sure to see a doctor. He can investigate and conclude the cause of the pain.

It’s time to go to the doctor. take it seriously!

If you feel numbness on one side of your body, your vision is impaired, you have difficulty speaking, and you suddenly feel numb, and these symptoms are not permanent and you should see a doctor right away. This can be a sign of a stroke.

But if these symptoms persist for several times and at short intervals of more than a day, make an appointment to see your doctor immediately. He can talk to you about how you are feeling and do some tests to see if your problems are due to MS Or another problem.

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