Association of high heels with neurological problems

Improper shoes cause a lot of damage to our health. In addition to skeletal and muscular problems, it can cause back pain. Some women who have headaches and are aggressive should not wear high heels.

The scientific secretary of the 18th specialized physiotherapy seminar of Lt. Foqarat pointed out the complications and injuries caused by inappropriate shoes, especially high heels, and said: impatience, irritability, and aggression can be among the complications of wearing inappropriate shoes, especially high heels.

Dr. Nuruddin Karimi added: The main cause of musculoskeletal problems, back disc, sciatica and arthritis, neck pain and shoulder pain can also be due to the use of these types of shoes.
He pointed out back hump, high back arch, stiff neck, knee arthritis and headache as other side effects of high heel shoes and recommended to avoid wearing high heel shoes so as not to suffer from its complications and damage.

Association of high heels with neurological problems
The scientific secretary of the 18th specialized physiotherapy seminar, Lt. Verqarat, continued that due to back hump, a person’s shoulders sag and suffer from round shoulder or frozen shoulder.
He stated: Due to the high heel of the shoe, the arch of the back has increased and the person has a strong neck, which affects the neck nerves and the person suffers from severe headache and impatience.
Karimi emphasized: This person thinks that he is suffering from migraine and is trying to cure this problem by using medicine, but the main reason is the deviation of the body due to the use of inappropriate shoes, and he should stop this inappropriate habit.
The scientific secretary of the 18th specialized physiotherapy seminar of Lt. Fukrat stressed that in this seminar, we intend to reveal the complications of this work to more specialists so that they pay more attention to such issues.
Karimi pointed out that a person suffering from back pain should avoid wearing these types of shoes, and continued: If people are fully familiar with the complications and harm of wearing these shoes, they will avoid using them as much as possible. Causal treatment and injury prevention are always better, more affordable and more useful than symptomatic treatments.

Association of high heels with neurological problems
He pointed to the correction of some daily behaviors, including washing the dishes correctly, and said: people, especially those with back pain, to wash dishes, they should lean on the sink with their stomachs and leave their legs slightly open, which in this case There is no pressure on their waist seals.
The associate professor of the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences continued that the greater the distance from the body to the place of washing dishes, the more pressure is put on the back vertebrae of these people.
He continued that if the pressure on the vertebrae of the back due to not observing these principles is long-term, this important organ will surely suffer complications and damage.
Karimi stated: If the length of the vacuum cleaner tube is a little shorter than the standard, the person will bend down to sweep, and by doing this, his weight will be further away from his place of support, and this can cause damage to the lumbar disc.
He advised people to stand while sweeping instead of bending down and sweep as far as they can so as not to hurt their lower backs.
The 18th specialized spine physiotherapy seminar was held on the 6th and 7th of January at the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences.


14 December 1396 01:11

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