Association of migraine with Parkinson’s disease

Research that recently in America Done Has shown that Middle-aged people who from They suffer from migraines double Probability of، Movement disorders Like Parkinson are

In this study More than 5,000 N Between ages 33 And 65 were evaluated. They First They had a headache، Then 25 next year, researchers By reviewing their medical records They signs Parkinson ، or Movement disorders Other like syndrome Leg Have been restlessly infected.

Occurrence Parkinson’s disease the door People with migraines There is Migraine, as An alarm signal To Parkinson’s or other movement disorders. These symptoms include Visual disorders, Like seeing Flashing lights or lines Crooked, or loss, to lose, lost, to miss, losing Vision It is temporary

Researchers say That yet still This relationship needs to be further explored، And people They should not worry Because Parkinson The disease is very rare. They yet still To determine Communication between Migraine And Parkinson’s disease must be evaluated in different ways to reach a definite conclusion.

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam Medical Journal and its use is allowed only by mentioning the source

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