Attractive men in sex

You can also use these words to increase your sexual heat like many other couples. Don’t let fear and shyness prevent you from having a warm and enjoyable intimacy.

The following 10 characteristics of an ideal man in sex can be mentioned. It is not so difficult to use these things and every man can handle it and be a real man in sex for his wife.

Among the characteristics of an ideal man in sex, the following 10 things can be mentioned, using these things is not so difficult and every man can handle it and be a real man in sex for his wife, a proper stimulation by you It can take your wife to the top. Women understand your efforts well and give a positive response to it, their demands are not complicated, use them to see the effects very soon.

1- Men who make love slowly and gently. They spend time to stimulate their wife and give her a chance to light the flame of her lust slowly.

2- Men who talk to their wives in bed as well. Men who do not want to express their feelings with romantic words during sex, pay attention to the fact that expressing romantic feelings before, during and after being close to a woman makes her feel popular and secure. Gives.

3- Men who are good at kissing. Every romantic kiss can land on your wife’s heart like a powerful message and set her on fire.

4- Men who show their wife with their eyes that they love her and love her. Know that eye contact between two people is the most powerful and effective communication, the result of which is the activation of other body cycles on both sides, so make your partner feel popular with a romantic look and enjoy the benefits of this communication.

5- Men who play with their wife’s hair.

6- Men who are skilled in stimulating their wives by touching. In the process of preparation for intimacy, women need to be ready for sexual operations by gently caressing and touching.

7- Men who enjoy massaging their wives. The language of love is touching, your hands are not physical objects but strong transmitters that transmit your sexual energy, understand the true meaning of this sentence with a loving caress.

8- Men who show their love to their wife outside the bedroom and make her feel and believe in popularity. An “I love you”, a bouquet of flowers, a romantic SMS and a half-day ringtone that makes your partner feel popular can turn into a storm of love at night.

9- Men who prepare themselves physically before making love. Things like freshening your mouth, wearing perfume and taking a shower, etc. can be effective for your physical preparation.

10- Men who are loyal to their wives. Don’t forget that if your wife feels that she is the only partner in your moments of pleasure, she will try harder to double your pleasure.

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