Autism and its important information

Autism disorder has had and has many victims. About 3.5 million people in America are suffering from this disorder. People with autism should learn the necessary knowledge about this disease and ways to recover as soon as possible. Stay with us to learn more about this disorder.

Children may be very young when they are diagnosed with autism:

Children with autism may be diagnosed at 18 months of age or younger. But most of the diagnoses happen at the age of 24 months or more, which will be more reliable at this point in life. Children who struggle with autism will have problems with their social communication, but this is normal for their age. There is no medical test or blood test to diagnose autism. For this reason, the doctor tries to check the child’s behavior through a developmental screening and then conduct extensive and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations in this field. Also, the doctor recommends that the person in question be in regular contact with a specialist and his behavior should be examined.

There is a wide range of symptoms:

Autistic disorder symptoms can be very broad depending on the individual. In some people, the symptoms of this disorder are mild, and in others, the existing symptoms will be much more colorful. But the signs of autism include problems in social skills and social behaviors such as being very introverted, not playing with other children and not making eye contact. Children with autism may repeat certain behaviors over and over, or they may obsess over their toys. Lack of language skills is also one of the common and well-known symptoms of this type of disorder. 20 to 30% of people with autism cannot use their language and verbal skills well, but this does not always apply to all people. Another warning sign is that the child is very sensitive to sound, is very cranky, does not respond to other people’s conversations, does not point to interesting and attractive objects, and does not like to play with other children.

It seems that the prevalence of this disorder is growing and increasing:

Autism statistics vary widely, but the CDC estimates that one out of every 68 children born has autism. There are many differences of opinion on this issue among experts. Some experts believe that such an outbreak is due to a combination of prevalence and diagnosis. The criteria for diagnosing autism are changing, and this has led to more children being diagnosed with autism. Also, some experts believe that increasing awareness among people has helped to recognize such conditions. The change in the way of diagnosis and more awareness has had significant effects in this field, but that is not the whole story. More research is needed to determine these figures and such numbers cannot be relied upon alone.

Boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed with this disorder:

Autism disorder in boys About 4.5 times more than girls, but it is a stereotype that all autistic people are white males. People of any race and gender can suffer from such a disorder. Although boys are diagnosed earlier than girls with this disorder, there is growing evidence that more and more girls are being diagnosed with autism. The low number of autism screenings for young girls is because people have higher expectations of boys. Most people believe that girls are shy and it’s normal if they don’t talk properly or prefer to play with themselves. Also, people wrongly believe that boys should play with their friends and make more noise. When they see that the boy is not playing with his friends, they pay a lot of attention to it and this causes it Identification and diagnosis of autism in boys be more

Autism may begin before birth:

Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes people to develop autism. Most experts believe that a combination of genetics and environmental factors can increase a person’s risk of developing autism, but there are still many unknowns. There is growing evidence that children may carry autism with them before birth. This is a critical point. Most people believe that autistic disorder is a prenatal issue because cells in the brain have been identified that are different in these individuals. These cells develop before the baby is born. Research shows that taking certain medications during pregnancy can increase the risk of autism. In parents who are old, the risk of having a child with autism increases. Also, if one of the children in the family has autism, the chances of other children in the family getting autism increases.

Children with autism may also have other health problems:

People with autism are also at increased risk for other health problems. About 1% of people who struggle with this condition have fragile X syndrome, which is a type of genetic disorder. More than 39% of people with autism also experience epilepsy in their adulthood. These people are more prone to anxiety, ADHD, depression, sleep problems, allergies and stomach problems than others.

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