Avoid cheap pizzas

We have a type of food called pizza, which is baked in the oven in the form of smooth bread. Usually, cheese and tomato sauce are put on the pizza, and if people want, they can add other items to the pizza. Pizza cheese and mozzarella 2 cheese They are commonly used in pizza. Green peppers, mushrooms, onions, ham, olives and میتوان can also be used in pizza.

Referring to the increase in the number of restaurants and fast foods in Hamedan, the Deputy Minister of Education of the Hamedan region said: “People should not eat pizzas of three or four thousand tomans because it is a serious threat to health.”

Abolfazl, a book at the Healthy Food Conference held at the Hamadan Teachers’ Hall, expressed another contradiction between government departments.

Abolfazl Ketabi said in a conference on healthy food: “In Islam, the Qur’an and the narrations of the Imams, attention has been paid to the type of nutrition and our goal is to institutionalize these teachings in society.”

The book added: If we want to be healthy and not impose costs on the country, we must reflect on this future and traditions.

“Our students have now reached a kind of metamorphosis in food culture,” he said. It also affects our food culture.

A book referring to the order of Imam Ali (AS) which protects man from the need for a doctor, said: Imam Ali (AS) said: Chew and then swallow ”and these three orders make man needless of medicine.

Referring to the numerous restaurants and fast foods in the city, the book said: From the beginning of Mahdieh Street to the end, restaurants with all kinds of food are busy prescribing disease prescriptions for the people.

The deputy director of education in district one of Hamedan Education added: Do not eat pizzas for three or four thousand tomans because with the low price, you do not know what the disadvantages are and this is a serious threat to our health.

He said: “We hope that these programs for the community can change the attitude and culture of nutrition, because human happiness depends on health.”

Source: Hamedan Press

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