Avoid energy drinks

Nutritionists forbid most age groups from consuming such drinks and advise them to replace them with suitable drinks and avoid their dependence and frequent consumption.

Seyed Morteza Safavi, a nutritionist, pointed out the serious consequences of drinking too much Energy drinks He said: Excessive consumption of energy drinks has bad effects on people, especially children, teenagers, pregnant women and heart patients are prohibited from consuming these drinks.

He further added: When consuming these soft drinks, the liver reacts to their high caffeine content after 30 to 50 minutes and introduces a very large amount of sugar into the blood, and this increase in sugar itself takes about an hour to subside, and then Due to the lowering of blood sugar, a person feels tired and it takes 12 hours for caffeine to be completely removed from the blood.

Dr. Safavi stated the permissible limit of consumption of energy drinks and said: Daily consumption of one energy drink is safe for athletes because athletes burn the extra sugar entered into the blood by exercising daily.

This nutritionist pointed out: Because energy drinks cause people to become addicted to these drinks and bring the ill-mentioned effects, people are advised to avoid consuming these drinks as much as possible.

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15 November 1394 12:48

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