Avoid meat and liver! Crimean Congo fever is lurking!

Crimea-Congo fever has entered our country for some time and has caused a lot of fear and panic among the people. This disease is very dangerous and has taken the lives of many people and sent them to death. The agent of transmission of this disease is a type of tick that carries this virus. Consumption of animal meat and poultry is one of the main ways of contracting Crimean Congo fever. Follow along with Dr. Salam.

Due to the presence of Crimean Congo fever in the country, the veterinary organization warned people about the consumption of meat and liver.

Avoid slaughtering animals in a separate house

Karim Amiri, deputy head of the veterinary organization’s animal disease control and management office, stated that the Crimean-Congo fever is an endemic disease in the country and said: the endemicity of this disease in the country is a big problem and every year with the warming of the air and increased activity tick This disease is getting worse.

He is about the condition of the disease Crimean Congo fever In the country and the measures taken by the Veterinary Organization, he said: The Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Organization are closely related to prevent the spread of this disease in the country, so that in cases where the transmission of this disease to humans is reported, the Veterinary Organization does its work. starts In places where this disease has been reported, because ticks are carriers of the disease, spraying is done in a wide radius so that the disease does not spread.

The Deputy Director of the Animal Disease Control and Management Office of the Veterinary Organization stated that educating people is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of this disease, and noted: In villages and places where the disease has been transmitted, it has been tried to spread education to people. slow and these trainings are carried out even among the personnel of the slaughterhouses.

Crimean-Congo fever is an endemic disease in the country that does not have any clinical symptoms in livestock, but its virus can be transmitted to humans by ticks or direct contact with livestock, and it increases every year with the onset of the hot season and increased activity of ticks. This disease is mostly reported in the provinces of Isfahan, Fars, Khorasan Razavi, Hormozgan and Kermanshah, and according to the Ministry of Health, there have been 5 deaths in all provinces and 800 cases of this disease have been reported in people who have been treated according to the measures and treatments carried out. are Fortunately, even though the number of people suffering from this disease is high in the country, treatment measures have been taken quickly and the number of deaths has not been high compared to those affected.

Amiri warned that the people animal slaughter to do it in authorized centers, he clarified: With Eid al-Adha approaching and the increase in animal slaughter, people should slaughter animals in authorized centers in order to protect their health, because animal slaughter at home is considered one of the most dangerous measures in the spread of this disease. . In case of slaughtering animals in authorized centers, people should also receive the carcasses after 24 hours, so that there is no danger to people’s health.

People should not eat raw liver

The Deputy Director of the Animal Disease Control and Management Office of the Veterinary Organization further noted that cooking meat eliminates the disease and prevents people from consuming it. liver seriously prevent raw food and be sure to use gloves for cooking and preparing the liver, because the disease stays longer in the liver.


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