Avoid these foods to deal with chronic headaches

Dr. Majid Ghaffarpour said in a one-day headache seminar on Thursday: “The type of headache varies from person to person, but the most common headaches are headaches caused by anxiety, stress and nervous tension, the prevalence of which is usually the same among men and women.”

He said: The second type is migraine headache, which in Iran there are no exact statistics of patients with it, but global statistics show that 10 to 15 percent of women and 7 to 8 percent of men suffer from this type of headache.
Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences continued: People with migraines should avoid eating nuts, chocolate and spicy perfumes because these factors aggravate headaches.

“Ordinary migraines usually have no side effects, but it is a type of migraine that causes vision problems and paralysis of a part of the body,” he said.

Dr. Ghaffarpour added: “There is another type of headache that is caused by internal bleeding of the skull that may lead to death, also the occurrence of brain tumors causes headaches.”

He stated that the incidence of headaches has various factors, including air and noise pollution, traffic, fatigue and hot weather in large cities as the causes of headaches.

The neurologist said about taking painkillers to cure headaches: “If the headache is due to fatigue or normal conditions and does not recur constantly, there is no problem in taking painkillers, but if it is repeated regularly, it should be treated.”

Regarding the connection between headache and tooth decay, he said: “If the teeth on the back of the jaw are rotten and painful, it can cause problems that cause a specific headache for the jaw, or if a tooth is infected and spread, it can also cause headaches.”

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