Ayurvedic Remedies: Ginger vs. Turmeric

Vitamins Different the door ginger: ginger full of Magnesium, vitamin B 6 and vitamins c. It also contains a small amount calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron Is.

benefits ginger:

improvement food digestion
improvement Absorption of nutrients
treatment a cold throat and congestion Nose
nausea reduces
Flatulence reduces
Abdominal cramps reduces
inflammation and joint’s pain reduces
Spots colorful the door the skin decreases.

treatment with ginger:

Thin slices ginger Mix with salt and lemon juice before eating and after the meal it To Improve appetite and It helps digestion
Add ginger in cooking As a spice new In order to increase taste is used
Therapeutically Ginger root juice mixed With Water basil leaves and honey for treatment Cough and cold.

Vitamins Different in turmeric:

Included Iron, potassium and vitamins B6 Is. magnesium, Vitamin c and calcium also in turmeric There is

benefits Turmeric:

infection reduces
blood circulation improves
digestion makes it better
wound improves
Makes the skin healthy
System safety Increases the body
liver detoxifies
Levels Cholesterol improves
with free radicals fights
Anemia treats
Prevents colds
joints and inflammation treats

treatment With Turmeric:

Turmeric anti-aging Is
milk and Turmeric From a cold prevents
Turmeric one of Main ingredients Cooking Indian Isspecially Curry an integral part of is our life

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam medical magazine and its use is only allowed by mentioning the source

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