Bad breath and how to fix it

What are the causes of bad breath, what are the nutritional methods to eliminate it, we must consider how these odors are created and what are the effective solutions to eliminate them

Many people are worried about their bad breath or mouth, although it is not easy to diagnose, but taking care of oral and dental hygiene is definitely a good way to prevent it.

It is said that half of the people suffer from bad breath, which is a slight exaggeration. In fact, about 2.4 percent of adults probably have bad breath or bad breath.

According to the Guardian, bad breath damages the social image and perhaps family relationships, but it is difficult for many people to recognize it, and they may only notice their bad breath from the audience’s reaction. There are solutions in this field that are not very accurate. If we smell on our hands and then inhale, we will only notice the smell of our hands and not our mouth. Moistening the back of the wrist with the tongue and smelling it after 10 seconds also does not help in detecting bad breath.

Even the bad smell after flossing does not mean that your breath or mouth smell bad.
Inflammation of the tonsils, acid reflux into the esophagus, kidney and liver diseases can change the smell of the mouth and bad breath.
There are also more than 600 bacteria in the mouth that are the main cause of bad breath, especially bacteria that are derived from unstable sulfur compounds resulting from protein breakdown.

A study shows that these bacteria are the result of poor oral and dental hygiene, and the possible cause is plaque or mass caused by food and bacteria on the tongue and between the teeth, especially when bacteria cause gingivitis.
In fact, the main cause of bad breath is on the tip of the tongue.

In addition, the grooves of the tongue of some people have the property of accumulating a white coating that is one millimeter thick on the tongue and causes a decrease in oxygen, and as a result, provides a space for bacteria to grow better without oxygen and causes growth and production. Smelly compounds.

***Methods to eliminate bad breath
Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly will reduce bad odor. One study suggests that brushing the tongue may be effective. But brush gently and note that the accumulation of bacteria is more at the end of the tongue.

Later research shows that mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine gluconate, which reduces bacterial levels, are useful, especially after brushing the tongue, where the bacteria are defenseless (although overuse of mouthwash can stain teeth). be).

Using mouthwash before bed is most effective because bacteria multiply at night when the mouth is dry and oxygen is low. . Chewing sugar-free gums also stimulates saliva and reduces bad breath and can be an effective solution during the day.
Anyway, for oral and dental hygiene and good breath, whatever solution you choose, it should be done continuously and regularly.


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