Bad taste of children’s sweat and this complication

The salinity of children’s sweat indicates the disease in them. This is a kind of disorder and to eliminate it, you should seek help through effective treatment methods.

An asthma, allergy and immunology specialist said: “Parents should get tested for CF when they feel salty while kissing their baby.”

Dr. Seyed Hamidreza Mortazavi, stating that CF (cystic fibrosis) is a genetic disease, said: This disease occurs in children.

He explained: “In this disease, due to the disruption of the chlorine excretion channels in the mucosal ducts, the mucous secretions become concentrated and water cannot enter the mucosal ducts.”

Mortazavi added: Lack of mucus excretion due to lack of water, causes obstruction of the mucous membranes and this obstruction causes infection.

He explained: “This disease has various complications and it is possible that the pancreatic secretions, which include digestive enzymes and absorption of food, have problems, which can eventually lead to malnutrition and growth retardation in children.”

Mortazavi added: “In addition to causing digestive problems, this disease also leads to pulmonary complications in which lung tissue becomes infected and destroyed.”

The asthma specialist said that this disease is incurable, adding that the drugs for this disease are mostly expensive and since this disease is not among the special diseases, most of the families cannot afford to pay for the treatment of this disease.

He added: “This has caused some families not to go to medical centers to treat their child’s illness.” It is a chronic disease and its mortality is high.

“There is a device that takes the drug into the lungs to treat the disease,” said the asthma, allergy and immunology specialist. “It costs a lot to buy.” In addition, there is a vest that massages the lungs and helps to drain mucous secretions, which is also rare and of course has a high cost.

Mortazavi stated: In addition to their medications, these patients need oxygen and also see a psychiatrist, physiotherapist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and lung specialist. Medications for this disease are preservative and the patient can live longer by taking them.

He described the sweat test and the amount of chlorine in sweat as one of the diagnostic methods of this disease and added: if the amount of chlorine in the sweat of children is high, other tests will be prescribed for the definitive diagnosis of this disease.

Mortazavi said that the disease has symptoms at birth: “Children who do not defecate easily and their stools are oily or do not grow well, do not grow well or have a lung infection or recurrent cough that does not get better, should be considered Test for the presence of this disease.

He said that the sweat of these children is very salty due to its high salt, he said: Parents should try to diagnose the disease when they feel salty when kissing the child.


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