Balance the mood with lettuce and peppermint

Do not ignore the importance of lettuce consumption with parsley Lettuce has a lot of folic acid and is a good source of folic acid. Combining lettuce with parsley is more recommended for people with a cold temper. You also suffer from iron deficiency. Do not forget this hearty snack.

Cold lettuce and peppermint are of a moderate nature and are very necessary and moderating for those who eat a lot of hot snacks and sweets during the Eid holidays.

Younes Heydari, a researcher in traditional medicine, referring to the consumption of lettuce and parsley in spring, said: Lettuce with peppermint has the best effect on temperance and temperament, and it is better to prepare parsley at home with honey or juice.

He said: “If the amount of parsley vinegar goes out of moderation, its nature will be cold and it will be harmful for those suffering from stomach and intestinal ulcers, and if its sweetness increases, its nature will become hot and very fattening.”

Heidari continued: The main name of peppermint is honey vinegar, and because in ancient times it was made from a combination of vinegar and honey or vinegar and juice, which is more nutritious compared to today’s peppermint, which is prepared from vinegar and sugar.

He emphasized: Lettuce is a nutritious and high-fiber vegetable that helps relieve constipation and its cold nature reduces dryness and hot temper.

Heidari continued: In addition to being hematopoietic, lettuce is anti-inflammatory and rich in iron and is a useful food for the nerves.

He said: “During Eid, due to the nature of the air and the thickening of human blood in this season, Iranians have been using this food for a long time on the thirteenth day of Badr to dilute the blood and get rid of lethargy and lethargy.”

He said: Lettuce is useful and useful for reducing body temperature, warm liver and body vitality.

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