Bathing during menstruation

For most women, the question arises as to what they should do during menstruation and what they should do in order to maintain their health.

A urologist said that it is necessary to bathe and wash the place of secretions during menstruation and said: It is recommended for women to bathe daily.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad said about the news published on social networks that bathing women during menstruation causes uterine infection, infertility, uterine and breast cancer, and said: This is a very wrong and unscientific belief that is unfortunately common among some women. And during this period, they avoid bathing and washing the area of ​​menstrual secretions.

This urologist added: Bathing during menstruation does not pose any risk to women, as all doctors recommend, women should bathe daily during this period and wash the discharge areas well. Because if secretions accumulate in an area of ​​the body such as the groin, it causes the growth of bacteria and fungi in the body.

He emphasized: Women are advised to avoid taking vaginal drugs and having sexual intercourse during menstruation. Because the cervix is ​​open during this period and the possibility of infections increases.


December 1, 2014 17:42

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