Be A Smart Consumer, and Buy From These GMO-Free Companies

Genetically modified food and products are changing the way we shop, and the demand for GMO-free companies is on the rise. Many individuals would rather have the option of opting out of those items which are genetically modified, mainly because they produce questionable effects on our health and have an incredibly negative impact on the environment (especially our bees!)

In fact, most of the foods individuals eat (whether processed or in the produce lane) are genetically modified. Many of the ingredients in packaged foods are derived from genetically modified organisms, and unless you live in Europe, where labeling of products is required. In the US and Canada, however, you never really know if what you put in your body is GMO-filled or GMO-free.

You can easily avoid GMOs by consuming organically certified produce which is required to be GMO-free, or by following and buying from the list of companies below who choose to remain GMO-free! By choosing to support companies who do not use GMOs, we are letting Monsanto know that we will NOT buy their products!

The list below is a list from the NON-GMO Project of brands that specifically offer NON-GMO products! These companies believe that their customers have the right to make an informed choice.

gmo-free companies

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