Be refreshed with dates

Dates have a lot of nutritional value and can be very nutritious for our body. If you want to stay alive and fresh, eat dates. The healing properties of dates can be mentioned to relieve heartache and strengthen the heart.

Beski, a nutritionist, stated: Dates are suitable for muscle growth and diet due to the presence of vitamins B12 and C and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and when this delicious substance is mixed with milk, it becomes a very nutritious and useful food. .

He said: Dates are the best food for pregnant women and prevent stomach cancer, and this food gives the hungry a feeling of calmness, which is why nutritionists recommend eating it.

Stating that dates eliminate constipation, this expert added: continuous consumption of dates affects pathological organisms and helps the growth of beneficial bacteria, and soaked dates are a useful natural medicine to strengthen the heart and because Its warm nature is very beneficial and effective for people who suffer from heartache.

He continued: Dates are rich in B vitamins, and this is the reason for creating a balance between nerve and mental cells, and also dates are considered a natural sedative.

Sabaki stated: Dates contain a lot of iron and can be used as a natural sugar to compensate for anemia in people with diabetes.

In the end, he said: Dates have a lot of vitamin C and the phosphorus in it is very useful and useful for keeping people alive, especially brain cells.

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December 8, 2014 10:54

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