Beautifying food

5 beautifying foods

The goal of proper nutrition is to make the body as healthy as possible, but if we also look good, no one will object. Women spend huge amounts of money to be more beautiful, but you may not believe that foods such as spinach, dried fruits, celery And Even tomatoes Frangipani are cheap cosmetics that can make you more beautiful.
1- Tomatoes: Tomatoes are red because of lycopene. This substance makes the human skin not redder than a certain limit. It has been scientifically proven that this substance protects the skin from the sun. So, instead of using sunscreen creams, you can eat more tomatoes, which is even very useful for removing skin wrinkles.
2-Spinach: Spinach not only boosts the body’s defense system but also makes your face shine. Spinach has a substance called lutein. An antioxidant that absorbs harmful light for the eyes and prevents eye cells from being damaged. The healthier the eye, the brighter it shines.
3- Red grape juice and dark chocolate: these two foods both have a compound called polyphenol. Research has shown that this compound is very useful for prolonging the life of skin cells. To have smooth and healthy skin, it is better to eat red grape juice and dark chocolate, but be careful of using them too much.
4-Celery: Did you know that celery makes people smile more? Chewing celery massages the gums and cleans between the teeth and makes them brighter.
5-Peanuts: Peanuts are a perfect source of selenium Is. a matter Excellent, which is very useful for the health and vitality of the hair. Walnut also has useful acids that make the hair more beautiful and shiny. Eating a lot of nuts can cause obesity, but only enough It is 2 times a dayd Eat peanuts to give your body and hair the nutrients it needs.

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