Behavioral changes in men and women after sex

One of the major problems between couples is the change in their behavior and their coldness after sex, usually these perceptions are due to not knowing the opposite sex.
Men’s changes after ejaculation and intercourse:
Usually men feel drowsy and bruised after sex, this is completely normal. Many men are not aroused for minutes or even hours after intercourse and do not have an erection again, which is a completely normal process and is not a sign of illness or sexual dysfunction. Usually, if you say something romantic to a man after sex, they will only approve. Men may temporarily feel a little emotionally cold after intercourse, which, as mentioned, is temporary.

Men expect to think a little after sex and usually think more openly. Men’s mental focus improves after intercourse and ejaculation.
Changes in women after orgasm and intercourse:
It is normal to be lethargic not as much as men but to the extent that they need to stay in bed. Women need more attention after sex. They enjoy being hugged. After sex and orgasm, women’s emotions are aroused and sometimes they tend to talk. Usually, women, unlike men after orgasm, think about the relationship they experienced instead of thinking about other things.

Women, like men, are not aroused for a short time after orgasm. There are women who tend to be alone, but of course their percentage is low.
Necessary recommendations after Couples have sex:
– Do not leave the bed or the place where your spouse is next to you immediately after intercourse.

– Do not turn your back on each other after intercourse and look at your face and eyes. Using words like, you are the best, you are the 3 most beautiful women in the world, you took me to the top, I love you, I love you, you are the warmest and… can have positive effects on your husband, especially women.

-After intercourse, do not try to re-stimulate sex for a moment.

– It is better for a man to bring a drink for a woman first after intercourse. In general, loving women after sex is very necessary, especially in people whose women are cold-tempered, it can change the mood over time.

-If the light of the lamp is low in the place where intercourse took place, do not increase the ambient light immediately after that. Everything should start slowly and end slowly. It may be difficult for men to do these actions due to the fatigue caused by intimacy, but doing it can increase the wife’s infatuation and double warmth towards him.


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