Being satisfied with the quality of the marital relationship

If you want to make both you and your partner satisfied with sex, we recommend that you keep these important points in mind when having sex and try to have a romantic and satisfying relationship.

Sexual need is one of the topics that not only the mental health professionals of the society have paid less attention to, but also the spouses are unaware of its importance.

Persistence of satisfactory sex
The existence and stability of a “satisfying sexual relationship” is not only a sign of a romantic relationship, but it is an important factor in creating an intimate, satisfying and lasting relationship. Sex fulfills an important part of our emotional needs and increases marital satisfaction.
In the past, one of the most important reasons for getting married and having sex was having children, and most wives stopped having sex after having a number of children or did not care much about the quality of this relationship. But in today’s world, people’s views on sex and how to use it have changed, and the most important motivation for people to have sex is “pleasure”; So it seems obvious that spouses should pay special attention to the quality of this relationship and its importance in their married life from the very beginning of their marriage.

Learning how to have satisfying sex
The first lesson in learning the right sex; It is a change of attitude. Unfortunately, most husbands and wives think that the meaning of sex or marriage is only to be “close”, while this thinking makes the spouses not only deprive themselves of the pleasure of other sexual interactions, especially the emotional aspects, but if For any reason, an excuse is made for each of them (from various diseases to completely normal conditions such as menstruation), their marital relationship is closed, and this is especially harmful for married life in the long run.

When we talk about sex, we mean all kinds of possible interaction between two parties, which can range from a simple flirtation without the intention of reaching orgasm to sexual behavior with the peak of sexual pleasure for one or both parties or finally accompanied by sexual intimacy. be

Sex is the only part of the relationship that requires intimacy and close communication. Spouses who have interactions such as how to talk, listen to each other, understand each other and have a spirit of cooperation and empathy with their spouses, resolve conflicts and differences, wise financial management, cooperation in raising and raising children, spending quality time with each other and having contact They don’t care about physicality, they don’t have enough information about it or they don’t have proper and constructive interaction in these areas, they can’t expect to establish a satisfactory relationship in sex; Therefore, sex is not only physical-sexual contact between a husband and wife, but this relationship itself requires many preparations that go beyond the bed.

It is very common that spouses do not show a desire to communicate due to reasons such as work fatigue, parenting stress, illness, or failure to meet their expectations and needs, and when this withdrawal from physical, verbal, or sexual intimacy lasts. , causes many damages to the family; Injuries that sometimes affect the person and sometimes affect the lives of spouses.
Neglecting the importance of “being in touch” makes us forget many of the reasons and needs for which we formed a married life, and we realize the damage when its scope has expanded and deep and irreparable wounds have been created.

15 December 2014 20:59

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