Beneficial effects of strawberries on blood formation

Strawberries have special therapeutic properties for our health. This fruit contains salts and minerals such as vitamin C, which is very useful and suitable for our blood formation. It is not bad. Learn more about the nutritional and caloric value of this fruit and find it in Include in your diet.

A month of supplementation with strawberries, which is rich in anthocyanins, improves the risk of cardiovascular disease, oxidative stress indicators and platelet activity in humans.

Strawberries, due to their high content of essential nutrients and beneficial phytochemicals, seem to have beneficial effects on human health and are an important fruit in the Mediterranean diet. Healthy volunteers were supplemented daily with 500 grams of strawberries for one month. Plasma lipid profile, blood and cellular indices of antioxidant status, oxidative stress and platelet function were measured at the beginning of the study, after 30 days of strawberry consumption and 15 days after the end of the study.

Results: High levels of vitamin C and anthocyanins were found. Strawberry consumption had a beneficial effect on lipid profile with a significant reduction in levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein and triglyceride (-78.78%, 13.72%, -20.8%, P <0.05, respectively) compared to the start of the study. While high-density lipoprotein remained unchanged.

Strawberry supplementation also significantly reduced serum malondialdehyde, urinary OHdG-8 and isoprostate levels (31.4%, -29.67%, -27.9%, P <0.05, respectively). All parameters returned to baseline values ​​after the clearance period.

After consuming strawberries, a significant increase in total plasma antioxidant capacity levels was observed by measuring the ability to reduce plasma iron and oxygen uptake capacity and vitamin C levels (+ 24.97%, + 41.18%, + 41.36%, P <0.05, respectively). شد. In addition, spontaneous and oxidative hemolysis decreased significantly compared to the beginning of the study (31.7%, 39.03%, P <0.05, respectively), which remained constant after the clearance period. Finally, strawberry intake significantly reduced the number of activated platelets compared to baseline and clearance period (P <0.05).

Consumption of strawberries improves plasma lipid profile, antioxidant biomarkers, anthemolytic defense and platelet function in healthy individuals, which requires further investigation in populations at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Translated and edited by Sanaz Motalebi Khamenei, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Hello Doctor

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