Benefits of steaming the skin

In this section, we will discuss facial steaming, which has been recommended a lot these days. Now we will read its benefits to see what happens to the skin when we steam the face.

Water vapor (steaming the skin of the face) has several advantages, including the following:
• Opens the pores and openings of the skin.
• Removes dead skin cells.
• Provides the possibility of complete and deep cleaning of the skin.
• It is useful for blackheads as well as acne or youth pride.
Incense is done once a week as a facial beauty treatment and is an excellent background for using face masks.
Enjoying the benefits of incense without paying the heavy costs of beauty salons is easily possible at home.
All you need to perform this cleaning include cleaning materials, a kettle of water, a long towel and your face. Follow the steps below to get started.
First, completely remove your face makeup with soap and water or the cleanser you use.
Fill the kettle with about three glasses of water and boil.
After boiling, pour the kettle water into a bowl with a wide cross section.
Keep the distance between your face and the pot of boiling water in front of you at least half a meter. Then throw the towel over your head so that it creates a barrier around your head and the pot of boiling water. The steam should feel warm and gentle and relaxing, not too hot and unbearable.

If the water vapor is too hot and bothersome, stop the fumigation immediately.
Remain under the towel for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash your face with cold water. This causes the skin pores to close and shrink.
Then use a face mask or simple moisturizer.
If you want to use herbal skin medicines such as green tea, chamomile, lavender or mint tablets, dip the desired herbal package in a cup of water and place it in front of your face in a container of boiling water. Just note that before using any type of medicinal plant for your skin, make sure that your skin is not sensitive to these plants.

Another method of face incense includes the following steps:

Clean your face of cosmetics.
Dip a bath towel or a clean cloth completely in a container of warm water, then take the water and place it on your face.
When the fabric or fiber has cooled down (usually in less than a minute), immerse it again in warm water and repeat the instruction number two. To get a better result from this method, repeat this for 5 to 10 times.
Then wash your face with cold water and use a face mask or simple moisturizer.
Keep in mind that using water with very high temperature in both of the methods mentioned above can be more harmful than useful because the intense steam burns the skin. Therefore, it is very important to be very comfortable in both methods.

If you have sensitive skin or special skin conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before using incense.
Because water vapor removes impurities from the skin, it is natural that spots and some skin defects or blemishes appear more prominent and visible than before.
In any case, for normal skin, if it gets inflamed or stained during incense or after, after a while, these defects will disappear and the use of steam will be reduced several times.

The appearance of your skin will improve if you perform this method regularly

Source-Pars Naz

September 5, 1392 13:14

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