Beware of these harmful drinks

Some caffeinated drinks can cause a lot of damage to our health due to the presence of sugar and various additives, they are very harmful and dangerous for our heart and increase our blood pressure.

While the consumption of sugar and sugar is known to be the main cause of type 2 diabetes, the awareness of the sugar that enters the body daily through drinks and desserts is still in an aura of uncertainty.

According to the World Health Organization, women are allowed to consume 24 grams of sugar (6 teaspoons) and men 36 grams (9 teaspoons) per day. In spite of this, recently, stunning statistics have been published about the amount of sugar in hot drinks.

According to “Daily Mail”, these drinks, which are often owned by popular brands and whose activity has spread across the world as a chain, have between 13 and 25 teaspoons of sugar. Many doctors consider sugar as the white killer. It seems that the risk of high sugar in these drinks is not limited to these four brands, and this is the property of hot and sweet drinks that have become popular these days and have attracted the taste of countless fans. According to research, sugary foods and drinks that lack fiber are quickly absorbed and enter the bloodstream. In this case, this white poison can be three times more harmful to the heart and cause an increase in triglycerides, a decrease in HDL and an increase in blood pressure.

Sweet brands
A campaign led by Graham McGregor, a professor of cardiology at Queen Mary University in London, has investigated the sugar content of popular drinks. In this research, the sugar content of 131 drinks from reputable and popular coffee shops in the upper neighborhoods of London has been investigated. The result of this research shows that in some of these drinks, the amount of sugar per cup was 35% more than Coca-Cola (which has an average of 9 teaspoons of sugar). According to these statistics, the main cause of many diseases of the 21st century are these popular and seemingly harmless sweet drinks, and they fuel the obesity and diabetes crisis more than sweet drinks. According to the head of this research team, this statistic is a huge scandal for food and drink manufacturers and it is no wonder that England has the highest obesity rate in Europe. Drinks of four popular brands, Starbucks, KFC, Costa Coffee and Nero Coffee, made up the statistical population of this research. The review of 131 hot drinks from the mentioned brands informs that 98% of the products of these brands are required to receive a red label from the Food Standards Agency. Red labels warn customers about the high sugar content of each glass. Not long ago, it was announced that 6 million people order Starbucks coffee on their mobile phones every month. Starbucks is an American coffee chain service company with nearly half a century of experience, which is the largest coffee shop chain in the world with a wide network of 20,739 branches in different countries. Earlier this year, Starbucks pledged to reduce sugar by 25% in its drinks by the end of 2020. The amount of sugar in more than 30 of this company’s products exceeds the permissible limit.

Popular killers
Starbucks hot fruit drink: This drink called “Hot Mulled fruit” is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks. This fruit drink is served with two flavors of apple and grape with cinnamon and has 25 teaspoons of sugar.

Costa Tea Latte: Tea Latte is one of the most popular drinks with a combination of tea and milk. Milk is boiled in this tea with sugar and cream. Finally, after serving, cream is used to decorate this tea. A cup of Costa brand tea latte is equivalent to 20 tablespoons of sugar.

Cafe Mocha with White Chocolate Starbucks: Cafe Mocha is from the cafe latte family and is prepared with espresso and hot milk, except that sweet chocolate is added to it. In the white type of mocha coffee, white chocolate is used instead of regular chocolate. According to this study, a cup of this mocha plus the cream it is garnished with has 18 teaspoons of sugar. A cup of KFC mocha has 15 teaspoons of sugar.

Nerocafe Caramel Latte: Caramel Latte is a warm espresso-based drink in which they combine caffe latte with caramel. A cup of caramel latte has 13 teaspoons of sugar.
The campaign is calling for legislation to require supermarkets and manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in food and drinks.

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29 February 2014 14:14

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