Blisters on the back of the foot

When the back of the heel blisters, then we have to bandage because if we do not do this, the blistered part will come in contact with the shoes and it will get worse. the door If you have blisters on the back of your feet, you should take care that the pressure of the abrasive foot does not cause the blister to burst, and if the blister ruptures, you should be careful not to contact it with water and dust. Wounds usually take 2 to 3 days to heal, including washing the feet or bathing. The blister on the back of the foot gradually dries out and the skin of the area becomes slightly inflamed, which is a sign of regeneration and healing. To heal the wound as soon as possible, the skin should be kept clean and dry. Never remove the blister from the skin as the blister itself is a clean dressing for the wound. You can use alpha ointment to heal the wound faster, but if you have diabetes, or the wound is infected, try to consult your doctor while following some tips.
1- Do not wear tight shoes.
2- Wear socks so that your feet do not sweat inside the shoes.
3- Do not wear plastic shoes


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