Blood fat and these important risks

Unfortunately, people do not care about the increase or decrease of fat in their body, this will lead to all kinds of heart and vascular problems. Failure to control blood fat will cause great harm to our health.

The number of people with high cholesterol in the United States has decreased.

According to “Time” website, following a decade of reduction in the number of these patients, their number has decreased to 11% in 2013-2014. Meanwhile, more than 18 percent of Americans over 20 years old had high cholesterol in the 2000-1999 study.

According to the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, the reason for this declining rate is the growing use of drugs such as statins. High cholesterol is related to heart diseases, but in addition to medication, it can be reduced by changing diet and exercising more.

23 March 2014 10:56

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