Blood sugar reduction in non-diabetic people (Part I)

These days, you may suffer from high work pressure and car life low blood sugar Dill, even though you do not have diabetes or any special disease.

Because the cells of the body, especially the brain nervous system The center needs a continuous and stable source of glucose for their proper functioning blood sugar in range normal it’s too important.

In this article, in two parts, we intend to discuss the issue in detail and scientifically hypoglycemia Let’s talk about non-diabetic people and the problems caused by it. With medicine magazine be with

to have Normal blood sugar And keep it natural as well as steady diet Observe the appropriate. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stick to a painful diet too rigidly.

In the diet that is infographic has also been provided to you; Food rich in protein, fiber and fats Healthy you see

Those who low blood sugar They have, definitely from egguse wild salmon, dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, beef and chicken.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds such as pumpkin seeds and Almonds and legumes use. Do not forget that Avocado It has so many properties that in addition Treatment of low blood sugar To the health It is very useful and is very much emphasized in Dr. Salam’s articles.

Low blood sugar in non-diabetics

Hypo means decrease and glycemic means sugar.Glucose) blood that means total hypoglycemia Decreased blood sugar Is.

Therefore, in the normal state of the body, try to Maintain blood sugar In the range of 60 to 100 milligram It has the deciliter threshold, which if a few hours have passed since the last meal eaten or if Meal If your previous one is brief, in this case, the body will try to maintain blood sugar in the normal range using existing mechanisms.

In fact, our body for that surface blood glucose maintained within a constant range, it has the ability to create a balance between glucose, insulin and glucagon that blood sugar Keep it in a natural state.

In hypoglycemic conditions when blood glucose Decrease It is found that the main defense mechanisms include a decrease in insulin secretion, an increase in glucagon secretion, and an increase in epinephrine secretion, which will also happen in case of long-term hypoglycemia, cortisol and growth hormone secretion.

If these mechanisms in the body fail to improve hypoglycemia in the body, then the symptoms of hunger increase. now Treatment of low blood sugar What is ?

Hypoglycemia is not a common problem and few people suffer from problems caused by hypoglycemia.

signs due to reduction blood sugar It is usually felt when the blood sugar is less than 65, but the symptoms appear clearly when the blood sugar is less than 55. healthy people Even if the blood sugar reaches 55 or less, the symptoms caused by hypoglycemia it is invisible.

This issue can be explained in the way that in the body of healthy people, in the condition of low blood sugar, the body from Alternative fuel It is used under the title of ketones and it is because of these differences that it cannot be based only on the basis Density Glucose confirmed hypoglycemia.

In the following, we discuss the symptoms of hypoglycemia and its causes. How to treat low blood sugar?

Because symptoms such as weakness, HeadacheIrritability, HungerSweating and tremors are not specific to hypoglycemia and in other conditions such as stress and anxiety – due to the release of adrenaline hormone – the same symptoms can be seen, so hypoglycemia is confirmed in the presence of other symptoms.

Hypoglycemia is presented with three symptoms in a person, which are:

1. Blood glucose level or lower plasma

2. Genesis Symptoms of hypoglycemia at the same moment

and 3. resolution of hypoglycemic symptoms in case of return blood sugar to the normal range.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia are divided into two categories neurogenic (autonomous, dependent on the body’s automatic nervous system) and neuroglycopenic (neurocognitive), if these symptoms occur in a person and the presence of the other two symptoms mentioned earlier, it can be said that hypoglycemia has occurred.

Treatment of low blood sugar It has two parts, read the rest of this article through the opposite link: “Lowering blood sugar in non-diabetic people (part two)”

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