Body Adiposity Index Calculator

The Body Adiposity Index Calculator allows you to calculate the fat percentage in your body. It is a new alternative to Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.

Body Adiposity Index Formula

BAI = ( HC / (HM)1.5 ) – 18

  • BAI = Body Adiposity Index
  • HC = Hip Circumference in Centimeter
  • HM = Height in Meter
BAI Classifications for Men
Age (years) Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 – 39 Less than 8% 8% to 21% 21% to 26% Greater than 26%
40 – 59 Less than 11% 11% to 23% 23% to 29% Greater than 29%
60 – 79 Less than 13% 13% to 25% 25% to 31% Greater than 31%
BAI Classifications for Women
Age (years) Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 – 39 Less than 21% 21% to 33% 33% to 39% Greater than 39%
40 – 59 Less than 23% 23% to 35% 35% to 41% Greater than 41%
60 – 79 Less than 25% 25% to 38% 38% to 43% Greater than 43%

The BAI calculator is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to keep their bodies healthy and fit. It will assist you in determining whether your body adiposity index (BAI) is within a healthy body fat level. We’ll look at what BAI is, how to calculate body fat percentage, and the ranges for underweight, healthy, overweight, and obese people.

What is Body Adiposity Index – BAI?

Body adiposity index is abbreviated as BAI. This parameter defines your total body mass, which is entirely composed of fat tissues. The calculations are based on comparing the person’s height to the size of their hips. Unlike the BMI calculator, the BAI method does not estimate body weight. Several population studies show that the BAI is roughly equal to the percentage of body fat for adult men and women of various ethnicities.

According to the researchers’ scientific study, BAI methods of calculating adiposity have comparable accuracy to BMI, waist, or hip circumference-based approaches. However, none of these techniques (including BAI) provide precise body fat measurements. They are primarily used for basic testing because they are simple and inexpensive to perform.

BAI calculator

The body fat percentage calculator calculates your body fat percentage. It uses the following formula to calculate (for both males and females):

BAI = (hip circumference/(height)^1.5) – 18

Where hip circumference is measured in centimetres and height is measured in metres

To calculate the body adiposity index, divide your hip circumference (in cm) by your height (in m) multiplied by 1.5, and then subtract 18.

What is critical is that hip circumference measurements be taken by wrapping a tape measure around the hips and running it through the rise of the buttocks (viewed from the side).

Advantages of the BAI method

The BAI’s stated advantages are that it approximates body fat percentage, whereas the widely used BMI is known to have limited accuracy and differs for males and females with similar percentage body adiposity; and that it does not require weighing, so it can be used in remote locations with limited access to scales. According to a detailed study published in 2012, estimates of body fat percentage based on BAI were no more accurate than those based on BMI, waist circumference, or hip circumference.

In both clinical practise and research, adiposity indices that include waist circumference (for example, waist-to-height ratio WHtR) may be superior to BAI and BMI in assessing metabolic and cardiovascular risk.

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