Bread and cereals and eliminating the desire for sweets

According to many researches and scientific studies, addiction to sweets is as dangerous as drug or alcohol addiction. We have a simple solution to get rid of it.

Consuming carbohydrates in every meal helps maintain blood sugar and reduces the desire to use sweets.

Dr. Khadija Rahmani, a nutritionist and diet therapist, stated: In general, the use of artificial sweets during the day is not recommended, and if people have developed a habit of consuming sweet substances during the holy month of Ramadan, they should stop eating bread and cereals, which are harmful to the body. It gradually turns into sugar, reducing this desire.

Pointing out that sweets are absorbed by the body very quickly and blood sugar increases, he stated:
With the increase in blood sugar, insulin is released quickly and reduces its amount, which creates a desire to use sweets in a person.

Emphasizing on maintaining a balance in food consumption, he acknowledged: consuming 6 groups of bread and cereals during the day, such that 3 units are in breakfast, 2 units in lunch and one unit in dinner, can help people maintain body weight and reduce the desire to Consumption of sweet varieties will help.

According to this nutritionist, complex carbohydrates should make up one third of people’s food plates.

August 12, 2013 14:13

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