Breast cancer and its prevention

Researchers have recently discovered a drug against breast cancer that will inhibit the growth of new tumors in a short period of time and kill cancer cells in patients.

British experts have made new findings in examining the effectiveness of two drugs used to treat breast cancer.

Experts from the Cancer Research Institute in London, while examining the effect of two drugs used to kill breast cancer tumors before surgery, found that in 11% of patients, these two drugs not only shrink cancerous tumors but also completely eliminate them. . In addition, these two drugs show their effectiveness in 11 days.

The British experts also said that although this study is in its early stages, the results suggest that some breast cancer patients do not need chemotherapy.

The study was performed on 257 women with breast cancer. In the first phase, 130 of them did not receive any treatment before the cancerous tumors were removed during surgery. The second and third groups also took trastuzumab and lapatinib 11 days after diagnosis and before surgery.

Both drugs are known to target the receptor for human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2), a protein that causes the growth of one breast cancer out of every 10 tumors.

According to British researchers, the effect of this drug together is significant. In just 11 days, all the symptoms of cancer were completely gone in 11% of the patients, and in 17% of the patients the tumors were reduced to less than 5 mm.


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