breast prosthesis with gel; Advantages and disadvantages of breast prosthesis with gel

Breast prosthesis with gel is suitable for which people? Breast implants help women with small breasts to improve their appearance. Fixed breast prostheses, which are also called teardrop prostheses, can be a good choice. These prostheses are suitable for women who want their breasts to look more natural. These prostheses have different types and sizes that are chosen for everyone according to their conditions. In this section Beauty, skin and hairHello doctor, we point out the advantages and disadvantages of breast implants with gel for breast enlargement.

What is breast prosthesis surgery with gel?

Breast implants are made of a type of silicone gel. The outer silicone layer is thicker than the inner gel. This structure gives a coherent shape to the prosthesis. Even if the skin cracks, these prostheses can keep their shape. These gels are hard like edible chocolates! Compared to other prostheses, fixed or teardrop prostheses have a more natural appearance.

Three famous manufacturers of breast implant gel are Sientra, Allergan, and Mentor. These manufacturers have created various designs that are considered according to the needs of patients. Sintra breast prosthesis has five different shapes.

Allergan prosthesis has twelve shapes. While Mentor breast gel is available in six forms. Although fixed prostheses are a relatively new choice in the US market (these prostheses were developed about five years ago), there is still debate as to whether these prostheses are better than round prostheses.

Fixed-type gel breast prosthesis: advantages

Fixed breast prosthesis has many advantages. Its most important feature is its natural appearance and durability. The manufacturers of these prostheses say that they last longer than other prostheses, although much more evidence is needed to defend this claim. Below we mention the advantages of fixed prosthesis.

These prostheses maintain their shape in the long term

Since these silicone gel prostheses are made of cohesive gels, they retain their shape better over time. Unlike the silicone gels used in old prostheses, fixed prostheses are made of thicker materials, which is why the possibility of changing their shape over time is low.

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They are less likely to fold

The material used in the fixed breast prosthesis has a special shape and when it is placed next to the muscle or breast tissue, the possibility of deformation is low. The molecular binding in the gel helps to ensure that the structure does not collapse. This prevents any folding in them.

The possibility of getting holes in them is low

Unfortunately, cracks and holes in breast implants are a common occurrence. This is more common in women who use saline breast implants. Breast implants with silicone gel are less likely to break because there is no empty space between the materials and they are strong. In addition, this type of prosthesis is filled with a thick layer of gel, which makes it very difficult for materials to move in it. Therefore, there is less gap in the breast prosthesis with silicone gel.

They have a more natural appearance

Silicone breast implants are the right choice for people who care about the natural appearance of their breasts. This natural appearance is due to their teardrop shape. Their appearance has made them more desirable than round prostheses that were previously used by patients.

Possibility Capsular contracture lowers

It is normal for scar tissue to form around the breast prosthesis, because the prosthesis is considered foreign to the body. But the main problem is when this tissue becomes hard and solid. The same stiff tissue that is created around the prosthesis causes a big problem in the breast prosthesis. But due to the different structure of fixed prostheses, the possibility of capsular contracture is less in them.

Breast prosthesis with gel

Fixed-type gel breast prosthesis: disadvantages

There are few surgeries that do not have any disadvantages. When it comes to fixed prostheses, these problems range from high cost (compared to other prostheses) to more serious risks and even death.

They are expensive

One of the disadvantages of this type of prosthesis is its cost. This price varies depending on the place of residence and the techniques used. Plastic surgeons have estimated that the price of this type of breast prosthesis is twice the price of saline breast implants. In addition, these prostheses are more expensive than other types of prostheses.

They may move a little

According to reports, it is possible to change the position of these prostheses after surgery. Since these prostheses are placed in such a way that they are symmetrical with each other, if they move, they become symmetrical and asymmetrical. If the breast prosthesis is displaced, another surgery is needed to correct it.

They may cause serious health problems

These gel prostheses are made to give a proper shape to the breast. Although there is little evidence in this field, a number of people have reported large cell lymphoma after breast implants. The capsule around the prosthesis is the cause of this disease.

Breast prosthesis with gel

They are relatively new!

Just because these prostheses are new doesn’t mean they’re a better choice. Round prostheses have been used for a long time and many studies have been conducted regarding their effectiveness. But since these prostheses are very new, there have been few studies on their effectiveness.

They cause prominent wounds

According to reports, because these prostheses require more cuts and slits, they may cause larger wounds.

Which type of breast prosthesis with gel is the most suitable choice for you?

Of course, like other surgeries, you should have a brief conversation with your doctor before having a breast prosthesis to see which prosthesis is right for your needs. If the doctor determines that a teardrop prosthesis is the right choice for you, then you can use a fixed or teardrop prosthesis.

When it comes to breast implants, you should remember that there are different types of breast implants, one of which is saline implants. Saline dentures look nice and natural, but you should be aware that they are prone to perforation, chipping, and tearing. Ask your doctor which one is best for your condition.

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