Bring your white hair back to its original state

The lack of metals such as manganese, zinc, titanium, iron and copper are considered to be the main factors in the whitening and brittleness of hair. Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches and all fruits that are rich in various metals, especially manganese metal, should be consumed as well as vegetables such as Include garlic, onions, shallots and leeks that have manganese in your diet.

From the point of view of traditional medicine healers, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, smoking, and anemia are among the factors that can lead to gray hair.

According to traditional medicine healers, white hair is not the only sign of increasing the number of days of life, and this whiteness can be the result of other factors as well.

From the point of view of these therapists, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, smoking, and anemia are among the factors that can cause hair to turn white. If you are sure that the graying of your hair before the age of 30 is not due to heredity and genetic factors, you can follow the prescription of traditional medicine therapists and fight the graying of your hair with the simplest methods.

1- Stop graying hair every day with meals

There are various factors for white hair in pre-middle age. Sometimes nervous tension, thyroid dysfunction, improper diet or lack of manganese in food are among the most important factors that lead to gray hair. From the point of view of traditional medicine therapists, correcting any of these disorders can reduce the hair graying process and finally Prevents hair from turning white.

Including garlic in meals is one of the simplest ways that helps a lot to compensate for manganese deficiency in the body.. If you can add garlic as a main seasoning to your main meals, you will have a direct effect on reducing the graying of hair. It is better to consume garlic that is fed with manganese powder. This garlic can both compensate for the lack of manganese in your body and at the same time reduce the white hair factors in your body.

2- Washing hair with black tea and tobacco lotion every day

One of the natural and easy ways to get rid of white hair is hair massage with black tea herbal lotion. You don’t need to go from this herbal pharmacy to that apothecary to prepare this herbal lotion. You can easily prepare this lotion in your home kitchen.

To prepare this lotion, it is enough to put a tablespoon of black tea with a tablespoon of dried St. John’s wort and 2 cups of water on the heat until it boils slowly and one cup of this decoction remains. Then remove this decoction from the heat and strain it. Let the lotion cool down. Prepare this lotion every week and use it to massage your hair.

The best way to blacken white hair strands is to massage them with this herbal lotion 5 times a week. The best way is to use a light herbal shampoo to wash your hair and then massage your hair with this lotion.

Another herbal and natural lotion that can help darken your white hair. Boiled tobacco plant It is prepared by boiling black tea. Massaging this decoction can also speed up the process of hair darkening.

3-Twice a week, try this hair oil for 30 minutes

If you prefer to help rejuvenate your hair shaft in addition to treating white hair, we recommend that you try the combination of henna and coconut oil. To prepare this oil, you can use it 2 times to darken your white hair.

It is enough to get some pure coconut oil from the nearest attari where you live and pour one glass of it into a container and heat it indirectly until it boils. When the oil boils, remove it from the heat and put the dried leaves of the henna plant in it. After some time, you will see that the color of the oil tends to brown.

To use this oil, it is enough to let it cool completely. Then pour a few drops of it on your hair with the help of a teaspoon and gently massage the hair with the help of the second band of your fingers. This massage method prevents damage to the hair roots and their pulling. Massage this oil on your hair twice a week and let it stay on your hair for 30 minutes.

4- Make white hair black with food three times a week

If your hair has turned white much earlier than it should and you are looking for a way to cover it, if you have tried all kinds of herbal and chemical dyes and still see the growth of white hair, it is better to follow the advice of traditional medicine therapists and Get rid of white hair forever with the help of the most natural versions. Traditional medicine therapists consider dietary modification as the best way to treat and eliminate gray hair.

They advise their clients to include herbs such as onions, garlic, shahi, black sedum and whole grain rice in their meals in order to get rid of white hair and make them black. Consuming whole grain rice and black sorghum in meals and snacks and replacing it instead of regular rice along with consumption of herbs such as onion, garlic, and chives have a great effect on removing white hair and turning it black. You just have to have a little patience to see how these foods make you young.

5- Take these recommendations seriously:

In order to prevent graying and graying of hair, it is not only recommended to use a herbal mask, but also to modify the diet and include natural ingredients in people’s food basket can have a direct effect on preventing graying of hair.

According to traditional medicine healers, the combination of a grated ginger pill with a tablespoon of honey is one of the best food combinations that can help prevent hair from turning white.

One of the best lotions to treat white hair and make hair shiny is to use a combination of coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. A mask that is obtained from the combination of 2 spoons of henna powder, one spoon of yogurt, one spoon of dried basil leaves and 3 spoons of coffee, in addition to helping to darken white and gray hair strands, it can strengthen hair strands and hair roots. also help

Preparing onion lotion and massaging it on hair strands is another method that is recommended

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