Brittle nails and these care methods

How does a brittle nail become like this and what methods can we use to get it out of this state and turn it into an ideal nail, what methods can help us maintain the health of nails

Your nails show your health. In the natural state, the shape, condition, color and durability of nails depends on various health factors. Most importantly, nails represent your nutritional status; For example, problematic nails warn that your body is not getting the necessary nutrients.

An ideal nail is a nail that is somewhat resistant to impact, has elasticity and is easy to bend; not to break Having such nails depends on the type of nutrition you have, but here we teach you simple care.

Keep your nails moist

In order to have healthy nails, you need to grease the nail and the skin around it regularly and always have a moisturizing cream with you. In general, it is better to moisturize the nails by using moisturizing creams every day, especially in cold and dry weather.

Gloves, the friend of your nails

If your hands are in contact with a lot of water, use gloves to avoid damaging the nails and softening them. It is necessary to use gloves when washing dishes.

Apply iron to the body

If you don’t get enough iron, your nails will show it. Iron deficiency, which is common in women, causes brittle nails; Therefore, those who have this problem should consume iron-rich foods, the best sources of iron being spinach and tomatoes. Also, animal sources of iron are beef, turkey, duck, chicken, shrimp and eggs. Plant sources of iron are soybeans, lentils, beans and bran. By consuming vitamin C, you can help the body absorb animal iron; Of course, try to eat foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B, and sulfur, because protein foods that are rich in amino acids, vitamin B, and sulfur make your nails hard and beautiful.

Varnish is prohibited

Excessive use of nail polish makes nails dry and brittle. Lacquer causes the holes on the nail surface to close and the nail faces the problem of lack of oxygen; Therefore, not using nail polish in the long term, along with observing the rest of the mentioned principles, can improve the condition of the nails; So apply varnish only in special circumstances.

The right time to cut nails

Always trim your nails after taking a shower because it will be less damaged. At other times, the nail is brittle, which damages the surface of the nail, but after the bath, the nail is soft and not brittle.

drink water

A simple test to detect the lack of water in your body is to press firmly on the surface of the nail until the nail changes color from pink to white; Then release the nail and see when it returns to its original color. If the nail does not return to its original color in less than two seconds, it means that the nail bed is lacking in water. In the long term, this lack of water causes nail brittleness; So drink enough water to keep your nails healthy.

Don’t forget protein

Protein deficiency shows itself as a white strip across the nail. Nails are made mostly of protein; Therefore, in order to have long, strong and attractive nails, you must consume the right amount of protein daily. Keratin, the main component of hair and nails, is made of amino acids, especially cysteine. However, this does not mean that you need cysteine ​​supplements. Eating a variety of protein sources can ensure you’re getting enough amino acids for healthy nails. Now this protein is found in salmon, yogurt and walnuts in a significant amount. Other sources of protein include fish, shrimp, turkey, chicken, meat, soy, eggs, nuts, and dairy.

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