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Can a Bad Diet Cause Acne? Learn More at Live Love Fruit

While acne may not necessarily be caused by a bad diet, a bad diet can definitely cause acne. Confused?

You could have experienced hormonal acne during puberty, menses (for women) or menopause where hormonal fluctuations are most intense.

Even when you’re on a good diet, you can’t escape an acne flare during those periods. Of course, a good diet can mitigate the breakouts definitely and help to cure acne at some point in time.

But at any time, as long as you eat a bad diet, an acne trigger is not surprising. This has been proven time and again in reality.

So, what constitutes a bad diet that can cause acne?

Junk food like meat, fried food, oily food, fast food, high-sugar drinks etc.

Why does Junk food Cause Acne?

Junk food is notorious for carrying toxins, trans fats, artificial chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotic residues etc.

These harmful stuff can trigger severe hormonal imbalance such as excessive production of androgens. They can also compromise your liver health, which determines your skin health. Let me explain.

Our liver is a very busy organ. It takes charge of 400+ tasks every day. Toxin removal and regulation of sebum production are two of them.

It helps to regulate sebum production by deactivating androgens, which are hormones that stimulate sebaceous glands. These are oil glands that secrete sebum – our natural skin oil.

When you eat junk food day in, day out, your liver must try to remove those toxins from the diet.

However, the poor deficiency of nutrients in junk food jeopardizes your overall health. This of course, affects your liver health – its ability to remove all toxins.

Because of that, instead of helping to expel all toxins, each time some toxins will remain in your body. It gets worse when junk food causes constipation, which further adds to the toxic load.

The remaining toxins (and those from constipation) will then accumulate as you keep dumping in more toxins via a bad diet (junk food). It won’t be long before your liver gets completely overloaded.

Once the toxins overburden your liver, your liver will not be able to deactivate androgens in time. This leads to an over-stimulation of sebaceous glands, which will result in an excessive production of sebum.

Your skin becomes oily and acne-prone then.

What’s even worse is that junk food can also trigger an excessive production of androgens, making your skin even oilier and more acne-prone.

Therefore, if you seriously want back your beautiful, flawless skin, you must make over your bad diet that causes acne. Only a good diet can help to get rid of acne and save your skin.

What’s a Good Diet that Gets Rid of Acne?

Learn to eat more dark green leafy vegetables and fruits. On top of that, try to replace your refined foods with more whole foods.

These natural plant-based foods pack a nutritional punch that can nourish your liver health.

Of course, you must cut back on your junk food at the same time. By eating less meat, you’ll dump less toxins, growth hormones and antibiotic residues into your body.

In a nutshell, when your liver functions well with a good diet, it’ll help you get rid of acne pretty effortlessly.

Want to get rid of your acne faster?

Add coconut oil to your diet. Coconut oil is good for acne treatment because it helps to boost your overall liver function. Coconut oil has strong laxative effect that helps you get rid of stubborn toxic waste too. Less toxins, less acne.

Additionally, the tropical oil can fight off microbes that are harmful to skin. It also increases your metabolism. Increasing metabolism can help your acne and scars to heal faster.


What you eat is extremely critical as your skin is a reflection of your health.

So, eat a good diet not just for your acne problem today, but for long-term acne prevention.

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