Can masturbation play a role in addiction?

Of course, but there is no need for self-gratification. Repeated ejaculation in animals is said to cause several brain changes that inhibit dopamine and libido for several days. Under normal conditions, sexual satiety (which is different for each species) causes the male sex to take a period of sexual rest.

Sex users who are satiated by sex may destroy these inhibitory mechanisms by moving toward stronger sex or spending more time on sex. Missing the “enough is enough” signal can certainly trigger delta phas B buildup, however, without the lure of internet sex, how many people will take a break? Almost all.

It has been seen that many discussions on Sex addiction (being or its effects) towards conflict over self satisfaction Gone. This is nonsense and completely derails the discussion. Your brain on sex is only about using internet sex, not dos, don’ts, or masturbation. Many symptoms, only one reason:

  • Neuroplastic changes of the brain
  • Anxiety about ejaculation over more extreme sex.
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection when using a condom.
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Decreased libido
  • Weakness in sexual intercourse (having the ability and energy to have sex but not to the sexual partner)
  • ejaculation Frequent, low satisfaction
  • Social anxiety, lack of self-confidence
  • Increasing weakness in erection, sometimes even stronger with intercourse.
  • Changes in sexual tastes that are not suitable for sexual orientation (such as HOCD)
  • Inability to concentrate, extreme restlessness.
  • Depression, anxiety, brain fog

There is good reason to believe that these symptoms often result from addiction-related brain changes, as the reward center has structures that affect emotions, including:

  • Mood
  • Cognitive function
  • Response to stress
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Endocrine system

For example, many of the above complaints, such as social anxiety, depression, poor motivation, erectile dysfunction, and concentration problems, to Dopamine Low and manipulated receptors and reduced D2 have been attributed.

Rebalancing the brain (rebooting, resetting the brain)

If this phenomenon is behind your symptoms, you need to re-sensitize your reward pathway, weaken the sensitized addiction pathways, and strengthen executive control. We call this process “rebooting” (like rebooting a computer, rebooting). The best way to reboot is to give your brain a break from all artificial sexual stimulation, including sex, fantasizing about relationships. Sex, chat rooms, pornographic stories, browsing photos, etc., until it returns to normal response mode.

Those who are addicted to sex often find that the reboot process is easier if they greatly reduce or eliminate masturbation. This abstinence from masturbation and orgasm is not a way of life, but a temporary method to deepen recovery and reduce failure and return to sex. Of course, this process is very difficult at first. The brain can no longer rely on the immediate and intense drug of dopamine (and other chemicals) associated with serious use of sex.

In addition to desensitization, the use of sex strengthens neural connections, linking the temporary relief of sex to whatever stimuli your brain associates with sex (sensitization). Triggers such as being alone at home, pornographic images, or stress and anxiety can activate the sexual groove of your brain. The only way to weaken these connections is to stop using and further strengthen that brain pathway, and find your mood reliever elsewhere.

(As described, due to the strong dependence that develops on sex, a person becomes strongly dependent on sexual stimulants or so-called “triggers” to find a better feeling and relief, and at times when the mood and mood are not right. The brain is programmed to turn to sex for relief and healing.

This type of function is called unhealthy response, the reboot process involves stopping the use of sex and healthy response, healthy response means when the person is at a low level in terms of brain and mood, instead of responding to this state with sex. , respond with other healthy activities, entertainment, etc., so that the brain programming starts to change, which is certainly not an easy task. Eradicating sex and fantasizing about sex leads to returning the wiring (circuitry) of the brain to its normal state and gradually weakening the sensitized pathways and thirst for sex.

Activation and weakening of self-control circuits with addiction

The other half of the rewiring process involves spending time with actual potential mates. Intimate communication is healthy for both parties and helps you wire your arousal to real people. When should we have sex? After a period of rest (this period is different for each person based on their situation and conditions).

Some have found that continuing to have sex with a real partner is very helpful, as long as they (and their partner) don’t try to force ejaculation to happen naturally. Eradicate the use of Internet sex It often strengthens your executive control, which depends on your frontal cortex. (Executive control includes the ability to control emotions, such as anger or lust and nerve impulses)

Risk assessment, long-term planning, and control of stimulation pulses are under the control of the frontal cortex. The term hypofrontality, with the concept of weakening of the will, is usually used when trying to explain how addiction disables and weakens self-control circuits. It takes time and stability for these circuits to return to full working order.

Remember: your freedom depends on rebalancing your brain. Then you can choose to activate the sexual arousal pathway in your brain or another pathway that will lead you to the results you want. Needless to say, rebooting doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to use internet sex safely in the future.

The human brain remains vulnerable to the downward spiral of using any strong stimulant, and your brain has a sex-sensitized pathway that can always be activated. Many have stopped using internet sex and reclaimed their lives. You can too.

Rewrite: Farzaneh Pashaei

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