Can you believe that the worst enemy of women’s skin is cheap cosmetics

Many people believe that the use of cosmetics and the variety of its price depends on the skin of the people. People who have sensitive skin, cheap cosmetics multiplies the sensitivity of their skin. In this section, we will discuss the quality of cheap cosmetics for you.

For many of us, makeup has become an important part of our daily lives, and one reason is that applying makeup gives us confidence and a fresh and attractive look all day long. However, just like perfume and clothing and basically any other product on the market, you can choose both the cheap and the expensive type of cosmetics. Here’s how to read 6 solid reasons why you should buy expensive makeup.

1-Cheap makeup products are not designed according to your skin.
It is necessary to choose cosmetics according to the color, type and condition of your skin. It is unlikely that you will be able to find very cheap cosmetics that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. More expensive cosmetics have different types for dry, sensitive, oily skin, etc. These cosmetic products have two effects: not only do they hide your skin flaws and give you a fresh look, but they also help you treat or at least control your skin condition. For example, if you have very dry skin and you choose a moisturizing powder cream, it will keep your skin moist and cause it to wrinkle later; Because it is known as a fact that dry skin is prone to premature aging.

2- More expensive cosmetic products stay on the skin for a longer time.
Currently, you can easily find a powder cream that stays on your skin for 24 to 36 hours and does not break down. This also applies to waterproof mascara and eyeliner. For example, anyone who wears a lot of makeup knows that eyeliner can darken the under-eyes and make you look tired. But expensive eyeliner won’t come off unless you wipe it off yourself with a makeup pad. Mascara is the same, don’t buy cheap waterproof mascara because the cheap type is not very resistant.

3- Their raw materials are of poor quality.
Today, many cosmetics manufacturers have started using natural ingredients instead of artificial ingredients, which are both better and healthier. Organic ingredients for cosmetics are just as good as synthetic ingredients and are kinder to your skin; In addition, they are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and those allergic to conventional cosmetic products. Quality is never cheap and this is a known fact. The price of cosmetics is usually a good indicator of its quality, and more expensive brands are usually a better choice than drugstore cosmetics. Apart from this, famous brands have a reputation that they want to maintain and do not spoil their image in the minds of their customers with low-quality raw materials. As a result, due to the use of good raw materials, the price of their products increases.

4-Low overall quality
If you use expensive makeup, you will look much better than if you use cheap makeup. It goes without saying that cheaper cosmetic products have a shorter shelf life and significantly lower color quality. Expensive cosmetics offer different colors and shades and allow you to try different shades. This aspect is especially important for creative stylists; Although ordinary people can use these products without the need for specialized training. Quality is essential, especially for unique events where there is no room for error. Is your wedding day close? Or do you attend a lot of parties and like to always look flawless? If so, expensive cosmetics will meet your expectations in terms of quality.

5-Different packages
It is true that the quality of makeup is far more important than the packaging of the product, but the packaging plays an important role; Especially if you are always on the go and you want to take your cosmetics with you here and there. Expensive cosmetics are usually more compact and easier to carry, and usually come in attractive and customer-friendly packaging.

6- Expensive makeup products usually come with a return policy.
Another important aspect about expensive cosmetics is that many brands usually offer free samples that you can test to find the right product for your needs. Unfortunately, this is not the case with cheap cosmetics.


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