Capgrass Syndrome Causes, treatment and care

What is Capgrass Syndrome?

Capgrass Syndrome A situation Psychological Is. “This disease as a syndrome”Fraudulent” Or “Capgras illusionThey also know. People who experience this syndrome have an irrational belief that someone they know by an open cheat or Pretender is already replaced. For example, they may see their spouse as a fraud and a substitute for their real spouse. This can be frustrating for both the perpetrator and the person accused of cheating.

In some cases, the person experiencing this illusion may recognize an animal, object, or even a house as a counterfeit. Capgrass Syndrome Can affect anyone; But it is more common in women than men. In rare cases, it also affects children.

Causes of open cheating syndrome or capgrass

Capgrass Syndrome Often with disease Alzheimer And dementia is related, both of which affect memory and can change how you feel about reality. Schizophrenia Or psychosis, especially paranoid schizophrenia, can occur Capgrass Syndrome Be. Schizophrenia as well Real feeling Affect and may cause hallucinations. In rare cases, brain damage can occur Open Cheating Syndrome Be. The most common time is when the injury occurs in the back of the right hemisphere of the brain; Where Our Brain Recognize people’s faces Does.

People with epilepsy may also experience Capgrass Syndrome in rare cases. There are several theories about the cause of the syndrome; Some researchers believe that open cheating syndrome is caused by a Problems in the brain It is like weakening of the brain, damage or dysfunction of the brain. Others believe a combination of Physical and cognitive changes That makes you feel irrelevant to things. Other people believe that there is a problem in processing information or one Error in perception That happened with damaged or lost memories at the same time.

Treatment of Capgrass syndrome

Capgrass Syndrome, Open Cheating Syndrome, Capgrass Syndrome

Currently no Therapeutic prescription For people with Capgrass Syndrome ( Capgras syndrome ) Do not exist because we need more research in this area but Treatment options There is something that will help reduce the symptoms of this syndrome. The goal of treatment is to reach the root cause; For example, if a person has schizophrenia, treating schizophrenia will also improve the treatment of Kapgras syndrome. However, if Capgrass syndrome during Alzheimer’s treatment Occur, treatment options will be limited.

The most effective treatment is to create a positive and pleasant environment in which a person with open-hearted syndrome feels safe. Some use therapeutic credit; In medical validation, illusions are accepted instead of rejected. This can reduce anxiety and panic in the person experiencing this hallucination and help heal.

Reality orientation techniques may be helpful in some situations. This means that the caregiver regularly reminds the person of the current time and place, important life events, and any significant changes. The main cause of Capgrass syndrome Will be treated as much as possible, these treatments can include:

Drugs such as cholinesterase inhibitors; Which strengthen the neurotransmitters of memory and judgment. For dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Antipsychotic drugs and treatment; For people with schizophrenia

Surgery; If possible for brain and head injuries

Caring for a person with Capgrass syndrome

Capgrass Syndrome, Open Cheating Syndrome, Capgrass Syndrome

Take care of someone with the disease Open Cheating Syndrome (Capgras) can be emotionally difficult, especially if you have been chosen as a counterpart or cheater by that person. To help someone with Capgrass Syndrome Here are some tips to test:

– Do not argue with them or try to correct them.

– Anything you can do to Feeling of security کردن. If you are not sure what to doAsk them what they need.

– Support and acknowledge their feelings.

“If possible, the person”FraudulentLeave the room. If you are and you are in charge of caring for him, leave it to someone else.

– Enter their realm of reality in the way that is possible. This can help you understand how difficult it is for them.

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