Carbonated drinks and their side effects

Consumption of carbonated drinks and sweet juices can be dangerous for the body. Before buying these products, pay attention to the labels on them and check their calories and sugar. Using these drinks, you will suffer from various complications such as diabetes and obesity. You will get heart disease.

A California senator is seeking legislation that would require beverage companies to put warning labels on their products. This is the latest work in the field of sugar cane control.

Public health officials and lawyers have recently raised their criticism of sugary products. Sugar is a key factor in common problems such as obesity and diabetes, and California has become a battleground. Sugar consumption is very high in the state, officials say.
Voters in four major cities in the state have agreed to impose a product tax. Democrat Sen. Bill Manning recently introduced a bill in Congress for the third time that requires carbonated or sugar-sweetened beverages sold in California to have a warning label.
Manning also submitted the bill to parliament in 2014 and 2015, but failed to pass it. The representative said that there has been increasing support for him recently and that is what has given him hope.


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