Care against baldness and baldness

In what cases does hair loss increase and what factors affect the increase of this condition? What are the best recommendations of experts in this field and what methods can we use to prevent baldness and baldness?

Generally, at any time, 10% of the hairs are resting and after 3-4 months, these hairs fall out and new hairs grow in their place. In medical science, it is said that a person has hair loss when more than 50 to 100 hairs fall out during the day, or if they pull about 100 hairs, more than 4 to 5 hairs fall out and fall out. But what is the solution? Sometimes hair loss can be treated with a few simple medicines, and sometimes the only way is hair transplant.

Fat causes baldness

Referring to hair loss, Gholam Reza Bakhtiari, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said: Minoxidil and finasteride tablets are prescribed for androgenic hair loss, which occurs mostly in men, and good results have been observed so far. If androgenic hair loss is observed in women, in addition to prescribing minoxidil, compounds of progesterone are prescribed locally.

He stated: If the disease has severe scalp fat or dandruff factors, treating dandruff and controlling skin fat can reduce hair loss to a great extent. Severe dryness of the scalp can also be controlled with some topical medications and hydration of the skin. As a result, the amount of peripheral blood circulation increases and the hair follicles are nourished, and finally, shedding due to dryness of the skin is reduced. In addition, the use of wooden brushes and combs can also be effective because they irritate the hair less.

Are anti-shedding shampoos useful?

It can almost be said that shampoos have no role in hair loss. Using a high-quality shampoo can have an effect on the shine of the hair. Doctors never limit themselves to only one shampoo for the treatment of hair loss, and they definitely take effective treatment according to the underlying causes of hair loss and recommend an anti-hair loss shampoo along with other treatments. In fact, shampoo can only be a complementary treatment, for example, shampoos containing caffeine may have a little effect on hair loss by increasing peripheral blood flow.


Minoxidil is one of the most effective drugs for hair loss, in fact, in the past, this drug was used for other purposes, but researchers came to the conclusion that one of its complications is hairiness. For this reason, it was suggested to be used as a hair loss treatment, and this shampoo is effective and should be used for a long time to have a good effect on the head and hair roots.

Stating that FUT is a conventional method of hair transplantation, this expert added: In the surgical FUT method, a narrow strip is removed at the back of the head, and after preparing the front of the head, these hairs are implanted in this empty area. The hair is usually removed from the back of the head and where there is a good hair bank, then the medical team cuts these parts into grafts and makes holes in the empty hair area so that the follicles are implanted in that area. This procedure takes about 6 to 8 hours and depending on the amount of hair shed, it can be longer or shorter. After some time, the hair returns to its natural state and needs to be bathed and trimmed.

In hair transplantation, according to the type of transplant method, the person’s own hair is removed from the back of the head or an area of ​​the body, and then, using a microscope and special loupes, its follicles are separated individually and with the same delicacy as They are separated and transplanted in the recipient area by creating cuts of about one millimeter. The body does not react to these hairs, and in fact, this is the beauty of natural hair transplantation. Due to the fact that the transplanted organ is prepared from the person’s own body, it does not need maintenance and medical care.

If the doctor is very experienced, he removes these hairs so finely that only a very thin line remains. Of course, note that when the hairs are implanted, they fall out after 4 to 6 months, and after that, the hairs will grow again. The reason is that you should not worry because shedding is normal after planting.

People under 25 years old should not do hair transplant

Bakhtiari said: The FUT method is not recommended for all those who have experienced hair loss, it is better for people between 18 and 25 years old who have recently experienced hair loss not to use this method, because androgenic hair loss is still possible at this age. not complete, continue. For this reason, if a narrow strip is removed from the back of the head and planted in the front of the head, due to the continued hair loss, there may be a problem with the hair bank later, and the line of hair loss may move to the back and again to the front of the head. empty, but most people can use this method, of course, the person must be in perfect health and not suffering from diseases such as diabetes or local infections. Note that only people who have relatively high density of hair behind their back can use this method so that by removing a part of them, the hair will not show less.

FIT headband is not removable

He continued: In the FIT method, which is older than the FUT method, there is no need to remove that narrow strip from the back of the head; In this method, follicles are removed and implanted in the necessary parts. This method has its own merits and demerits, for example, it does not require major surgery, and as a result, we will not have the risk of surgery, but one of its disadvantages is that there is a possibility that the follicles may be damaged when they are removed, and as a result of their destruction, the implantation will not have a favorable result. . On the other hand, because the hairs are removed piece by piece, the implantation time will be longer, and in some cases, when the patient does not have a good hair bank, they remove the hair from the body, of course, removing the hair from the head will have a better result.

PRP prevents hair loss

Yazdan PRP hair transplant specialist said: Platelet injection is one of the new methods that have become popular these days. In this method, about 10 cc of blood is taken from a blood vessel of the patient’s hand, and then it is poured into special kits and centrifuged, and its platelets are separated, and then platelet-rich plasma is injected into the head. Platelets have special properties that strengthen hair follicles and increase blood supply to hair follicles, and usually hair starts to grow after 3 months. It will not follow; Usually, these people are recommended to have a re-injection after 3 months.

Does PRP have any side effects?

PRPoy stated: It is a very simple and safe method in which there is only one local injection and the patient does not need much rest after the operation. This method can control hair loss and we have seen hair growth in many cases. This method, because the person’s own blood is re-injected into himself, there is no possibility of disease transmission, and its cost is much lower than implantation, and the patient does not need to be in the operating room for 6 to 7 hours, and it only takes 45 minutes.

Hair transplantation does not require anesthesia

Regarding the hair transplant process, this expert added: This transplant is an outpatient operation without anesthesia with local anesthesia, and the person applying for hair transplant does not feel any pain from the hair transplanted on his head during the operation. After completing a hair transplant session (which lasts about 3-5 hours), a suitable dressing is placed on the head for one day. The next day, the patient returns to change the dressing and visit the surgeon and wash the head.

He continued: He can go to the bathroom on the second day after the operation. But there are scabs at the planting site that should not be manipulated, and these scabs disappear by the fifteenth day. The transplanted hair grows for 2 weeks, which indicates that the grafts have taken. But a large percentage of hair starts to fall out from the third week, but the roots of the hair remain alive and new hairs appear from the second month onwards, which at first are thin and fluffy and gradually become thicker.

Yazdan clarified: In most people, along with the loss of implanted hair, some of the patient’s previous hairs around the implant site also enter the resting phase and fall out, and the implant site looks thinner than before for a while (maybe up to 4 months). This state is called shock and is temporary and the expected density is created when the hair comes out of the resting state and grows the implanted hair.

In the end, he said: the transplanted hair appears thin, fluffy and less dense in the first 6 months, and from the 6th month onwards, the hair becomes fuller and completes in 12 months. And in this period, the difference in the face before and after hair transplant is very noticeable. Hair transplantation does not have any complications and due to the very simple care that needs to be observed during the first 2 weeks, there is no other case and the person will have natural and smooth hair.

It should be mentioned that in the hair transplant method, people do not feel any pain, and after the transplant procedure, the hair will fall out over time, and when the hair root wakes up from the rest, new hair will grow and there will be no more shedding.

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