Care of transplanted hair

After hair transplant, it is necessary to educate the patient on important points regarding the use of medicine, washing the head, and when to visit the patient. The day after the operation, visit your doctor to remove the dressing and control after the operation. You must visit your doctor twice for 5 days. (morning and afternoon) wash your head with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. (100 cc hydrogen peroxide 3% + 300 cc washable saline serum)

In the bathroom, put the mixture of baby shampoo and Betadine on your head for several minutes and then slowly pour water on your head. It is emphasized to wash the head with massaging and rotating movements. Do not take a direct shower for two weeks. Avoid washing your head with very cold or very hot water. Two weeks after the operation (10-14 days after the operation), see your doctor to remove the stitches on the back of your head. For more protection, try to avoid swimming and doing heavy sports, especially combat sports, for 6-8 weeks after the operation.

The result of the operation:

During the first month after the operation, the implanted hairs fall out, while their roots remain under the skin, and after 4 to 6 months, new hair will grow from it. The growth of all implanted hairs will be complete after 9 to 12 months. It maintains its characteristics such as color, texture, angle, direction of growth, and the rich blood flow of the head restores the nutrition of the implanted follicles.

Possible side effects of hair transplant:

The possibility of complications in this operation is very low, the common complications are:
Slight pain and burning in the area of ​​the stitches on the back of the head
Swelling of the forehead and face
The formation of small scabs on the planting sites
Severe complications, including bleeding, remaining scar infection, are very rare.

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