Cause of skin change with alpha lipoic acid

With alphalipoic acid, those who had red skin and large pores had smooth and even, shiny skin like a mirror. But how alphalipoic acid caused this change in their skin is still not clear has not been I think that the reason must be related to the ability of this antioxidant to increase the metabolism, which can restore the secretion of the sebaceous glands to a normal state, and as a result, the pores become smaller.
4 to 8 weeks after the start of the study, most of the test participants reported that the lines around their eyes were significantly reduced. After 8 to 12 weeks, they noticed that the deep lines on their faces were reduced. The strangest thing was that some scars disappeared after using the lotion. I didn’t have an explanation for this, but a group of plastic surgeons are doing research, and their research is such that neither the researchers nor the subjects know which of them have used a placebo and which have received the original drug. By doing this, they can find out whether alphalipoic acid can fade the scar or not? In addition, in the next study, when I tested it on a patient’s boil, he said that after 6 months of using the topical lotion, he improved by 70-80%.

29 July 1395 23:18

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