Causes and treatment of sexual hatred

People with this disorder have a strong and frequent aversion to sexual contact with a sexual partner and avoid it.

Victims of violence, bad childhood memories, childhood sexual abuse histories, watching inappropriate movies or scenes, and نقش play a role in shaping the wrong mindset about sex and changing a person’s perceptions and perceptions of sex.

He says that he is not married yet, he hates thinking about sex and he is afraid, but he loves having children and he does not know what to do with this conflict of thoughts! When you ask him why he hates it and has a negative view of it, he does not give a specific reason. He avoids talking and opens another discussion.

Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, despite the age of technology, when talking about sexual issues in society is taboo, it is natural with the lack of special resources and centers for education, via satellite and the Internet or friends and relatives to seek answers to your questions. You are in this field and maybe these answers are the reason why you hate to think about it…

Dr. Hamed Mohammadi Kangarani, a psychiatrist and family and marriage counselor, in an interview with Shafaqna Zandegi, noted that there are numerous scientific discussions about marital relationships and their benefits, and on the other hand, along with these scientific discussions, traditional and sometimes even “Many of our young girls and boys do not know enough about this, and sometimes because of the rooting of some misconceptions in their minds, girls do not have sex,” he said. , Are afraid and hate it. Sometimes some of them even mention sex as a relationship that is more popular among men and women are forced to have such a relationship! “Women generally think that men want only one thing, and that is sex.”

“Other misconceptions rooted in the open mind include the feeling of pain when having a relationship,” he said. On the other hand, if the pain is related to a marital relationship, it can be due to various reasons, such as fear and anxiety about the first relationship, cultural differences between men and women about sex, fear of severe injury during the relationship, misinformation and ignorance about the activity. Sex or guilt in this case, receiving incorrect information from parents and peers about relationships, history of violence and sexual abuse, the presence of infection, anatomical problems in the female reproductive system and.. “In some cases, having an abusive and violent marital relationship later can cause pain during intercourse.”

Sex is one of the dimensions of communication between men and women

“Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship between a man and a woman, and it is not uncommon for families to ignore it,” he said. “Unfortunately, many families fail to educate their children about this issue.” While we should not forget that the necessities of industrial life have increased the distance between marriage and adolescence, and children, in addition to being exposed to all kinds of stimuli and information sources such as television, satellite and the Internet, also have the opportunity to Take this path consciously and prepare for marriage. “But this is an opportunity for a double-edged sword, which, if unknowingly, poses many dangers.”

The transmission of misinformation can change a person’s perception

A member of the Psychotherapy Committee and the Media Committee of the Iranian Psychiatric Association added: “The transfer of false information by others in a private gathering or a two-person conversation is one of the things that has an effective effect on a person’s perceptions and perceptions of this relationship. We often see a person talking about his sexual experiences. If this person mentions sex as a painful and uncomfortable relationship, it will cause fear and anxiety in the listener. “It is natural for a person to change his or her perceptions of a relationship when he or she has never experienced it, and to have a misunderstanding of it.”

Misconceptions must be corrected

“As mentioned before, sometimes in addition to these issues, there may be cases such as being a victim of violence, bad childhood memories, childhood sexual abuse history, seeing,” Kangrani said. Inappropriate movies or scenes and نقش play a role in forming the wrong mentality about sex and change a person’s perceptions and perceptions of sex. “So we need to replace the misconceptions about sex that sometimes play a role in our minds from childhood and sometimes into adulthood with new scientific material.”

Sex is strongly associated with emotional connection

“Unfortunately, despite all the issues, there is still no scientific education about sex, and the first experience can have positive and negative effects on both sexes,” said the family and marriage counselor. “They should get enough from reputable sources and centers and support each other emotionally, because sex is strongly related to emotional relationship.”

“Waves of love can have a downward and ascending relationship,” Kangrani concluded. Having a strong emotional connection, a woman can feel accepted, loved, understood and supported. The opposite is also true. Today, love and romantic moments have become very important in married life. When a woman is interested in a man, although she may be disgusted or afraid of having a relationship, but because of the same love and good emotional relationship that she has established with him, beyond this fear, she can easily have sex with him. Establish. “So, by keeping love alive, practicing communication skills and maintaining it, you will ensure the permanence of your sexual relationship.”

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