Causes digestive problems due to eating salad with food

Consumption of yogurt with food causes indigestion

He added: “Consumption of yogurt with food in the long run leads to gastric dysfunction and as a result, digestive disorders; Yogurt should be eaten in separate meals or as a snack with benefits; Our benefits include mint, thyme, peppermint, and aloe vera.

This traditional medicine expert stated: Consumption of Shirazi salad and lettuce salad with food in the long run leads to reduced stomach function and as a result, digestive disorders. From the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine, digestive disorders cause many diseases. Avoid food either immediately, before or after a meal.

Excessive consumption of watery fruits increases the susceptibility to infection

Alavi pointed out: Excessive consumption of fruits, especially watery fruits, due to the adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract, increases the susceptibility to infection, and it is necessary to avoid this, especially in people prone to colds.

People should avoid fast foods and nuts before going to bed

“Eating fatty, heavy and fatty foods makes people feel lazy the next morning,” he said. It is better for people to avoid fast foods, nuts and foods rich in cheese, especially pizza cheese before going to bed.

Source: Tasnim

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