Causes of fatty liver and its diagnosis symptoms

In this article from Hi doctor We have discussed the causes of fatty liver and its diagnosis symptoms. Fatty liver disease does not have specific symptoms, but with the progress of this disease, problems such as chronic fatigue, weight loss and weakness arise. Join us to learn about fatty liver disease.

Fatty Liver It is a common disease and 10-20% of people in the United States have this disease. Most cases of fatty liver are diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 60. When fatty liver occurs due to other problems, it is dangerous and should be treated in time.

Specific symptoms for fatty liver disease do not appear and the disease is not associated with any symptoms, especially at the beginning of the disease. If the disease progresses, usually after a few years or even decades, vague problems such as the following are experienced:

– Chronic fatigue
Weight Loss or anorexia
– Weakness
– nausea
– Confusion, poor judgment or difficulty concentrating

In addition to the above, the patient sometimes faces the following symptoms:

– Pain in the center or upper right part of the abdomen
– Enlarged liver
Darkening of the skin color or facial spots, acne that usually occurs on the neck or armpits.
Whitening of the tongue
Bad Breath
– Urticaria and skin allergies
– skin itching
Excessive sweating
– Unpleasant body odor
– Dark circles under the eyes
– Yellowing of the eyes
– Eye redness, swelling and itching (eye sensitivity
– Adult acne (acne rosacea) – (red pimples around the nose, cheeks and chin)
– The appearance of moles and brown spots on the skin like facial spots (hepatic moles)
Redness of the soles of the feet and hands, which is sometimes accompanied by itching and inflammation.
– Redness of the face or an increase in the number of facial blood vessels (capillaries/veins)
– Headache, dizziness and in some cases shortness of breath

Causes of fatty liver:

Fatty Liver

Sedentary life in the new world has brought an increase in obesity and related problems to the people of these areas. Fatty liver disease is diagnosed in at least 25% of the population of countries where obesity is widespread.

Other causes of fatty liver include the following:

Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, and diabetic patients are more prone to fatty liver than others. Of course, this disease does not appear by itself in a diabetic patient, but insulin resistant diabetes plus the presence of excess fat in the body eventually causes this disease.

– About the relationship hepatitis With fatty liver, it should be said that one of the effective factors in contracting this disease is hepatitis C, which leads to inflammation of the liver. It should be noted that hepatitis is incompatible with fatty liver.

Fatty liver is usually the result of heavy alcohol consumption; However, this condition does not target only alcoholics and is common among non-alcoholics as well, which is generally caused by long-term use of prescription drugs, improper diet, malnutrition, specific diseases caused by individual lifestyle, such as diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure. Cholesterol is high.

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– One of the most important and indicative factors of this disease is alcohol followed by obesity. Excess fat in the abdominal area is related to fatty liver disease more than the increase in overall body weight. Most obese people are aware of the need to lose weight, but only a handful of them actually take steps in this direction. Body mass index less than 25 is considered as the health range of most people, although this amount changes according to the person’s height and gender.

Pregnancy is also considered one of the causes of fatty liver disease due to hormonal imbalance during this period and weight gain. But after giving birth, the liver begins to recover by itself without any special treatment, and it is rarely necessary to consider a special treatment plan for liver disease caused by pregnancy.

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