Causes of pain in the body

One of the common symptoms of many diseases, body pain It is possible that you can fix it with rest and home treatment, but sometimes body pain can indicate a hidden disease. In this article from Hi doctor We have discussed the factors that cause pain in the body. Join us.

In cases where body pain If it continues for a long time and indicates the presence of an underlying disease, a doctor should be consulted for a correct diagnosis.

But what factors cause pain in the body?


When a person is stressed Safety system It cannot control the inflammatory response well. As a result, the body is not able to deal with infections or diseases as before. This condition causes pain because the body becomes more vulnerable to inflammation and infections.


Water is the main element for the normal and healthy functioning of the body. Without it, the body cannot perform many processes such as breathing and digesting food properly. When the body lacks water and this process is not carried out correctly, the person experiences physical pain.

lack of sleep

Not having enough sleep affects the overall state of health. People normally need six to eight hours of sleep a night. Body tissues and cells need enough sleep to stay healthy. Also, the brain needs sleep to be alert. Without sleep, the body does not have enough time to restore the necessary energy, which causes pain in the body.

Cold or flu

a cold

Both of these diseases are viral infections that cause inflammation. These infections attack the body and the immune system tries to fight them. Inflammation is especially painful in the throat, chest and lungs. Also, other parts of the body may experience pain due to fighting the infection.


Red blood cell deficiency and Anemia It causes the tissues of the body not to receive enough energy. In the condition of anemia, many parts of the body feel tired because they do not have enough oxygen to perform their proper function.

Vitamin D deficiency

When there is not enough vitamin D in the body, the level of calcium in the blood decreases. Many organs of the body, such as kidneys and muscles, depend on calcium to function properly. Without vitamin D and calcium absorption, a person feels pain in his organs and bones.


This disease is very contagious and one of the most common symptoms is body pain. Other symptoms of this disease are extreme fatigue, tonsillitis, sore throat and fever.


Pneumonia is a lung infection that can affect the entire respiratory system. When a person cannot breathe properly, the body does not receive enough oxygen to maintain the health of tissues and red blood cells, and this condition of the body causes pain.


This disease causes the whole body, including muscles and bones, to feel fatigue and pain. The cause of this disease is not known, but stressful events such as physical injuries, surgery and infection can initiate it.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

As a result of this disease, the body feels tired and weak. Also, this disease causes lack of sleep. Since the body does not have enough rest, it feels pain in the muscles and joints.



Inflammation of the joints arthritis It can be caused by the destruction of the cartilage around the joints, infection in the joint, and autoimmune diseases that destroy the wall around the joint. This complication also plays a role in the occurrence of pain and limiting the movements of the joints.


This disease occurs when the immune system attacks tissues around the body, including blood vessels, organs, and joints. As a result of injuries and inflammations caused by this autoimmune disease, the body suffers pain.

Lyme disease

This disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick. Pain is the most common symptom that most joints and muscles experience pain. If this disease is not treated, it can lead to joint problems such as arthritis and nerve paralysis.


This disease is a type of fungal infection, the most common symptom of which is pain. Other symptoms of this disease include fever, chills, chest pain, Headache And the cough indicated.


MS, which is considered an autoimmune disease, causes the tissue surrounding the nerve cells called “myelin” sheath to be destroyed due to continuous inflammation. This damage makes it difficult for the nervous system to transmit sensations correctly, and as a result, the person experiences pain, tingling and other symptoms.

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