Causes of testicular pain

In this part of Dr. Salam’s medical magazine, we introduce you to one of the problems and issues that may arise for men. Here we tell the causes that cause pain in the testicles and explain its treatment in full.

– What is the symptom of testicular pain?
There is nothing more painful for a man than having his testicles hit. But not all testicular pains are caused by external trauma. Sometimes the source of pain is in them. The possible cause of testicular pain depends on your age. Testicular pain in adults can be caused by inflammation of the epididymis due to its infection. (The epididymis is a coiled tube behind the testicle and inside the scrotum.) Here, not only will the skin of the testicle hurt, but you will probably feel a swelling or bulge in the epididymis.
Testicular pain in children and teenagers may be caused by the cord wrapped around the testicle. Something similar in children is much more common and less serious (although it can be painful) which is a twisting of a place called the epididymis. These twists happen spontaneously, sometimes while playing and sometimes in the middle of the night.
Testicular pain can be caused by mumps. In addition, there may be indirect causes such as compression of back nerves, kidney stones, varicose veins of the menu cord.

-Treatment of testicular pain
It is not permissible to spend time when you are suffering from severe pain in the testicle, because if the cord is wrapped around it, it is only four to six hours until the testicle dies due to lack of blood. And when you get to the hospital, it makes no difference whether the pain is from a testicular complication, an epididymis, or a hernia. All of these are equally painful and difficult to diagnose even for a doctor. Therefore, report acute testicular pain to your doctor immediately, because if not treated within a few hours, it can lead to testicular loss.
Lift the testicle. A simple but not accurate test is to elevate the swollen testicle by placing a pillow under the scrotum, wearing a scrotum, or repositioning the scrotum. The pain of epididymitis is temporarily relieved, but the pain of torsion is aggravated. A sprained person may also feel nauseous or vomit.
Leave the testicle rotation to the doctor. The doctor may be able to save the testicle without surgery, but this is often very painful. Surgery is usually unavoidable. The doctor unties the twist and then sews it into the skin of the testicle so that it does not get caught again. Even if the torsion is opened without surgery, the doctor may consider surgery to fix the testicle necessary.
Cool it down. If the doctor diagnoses testicular torsion or inflammation of the epididymis, there is no need for surgery. Although this sprain is painful, it is not dangerous. In this case, the doctor will prescribe ice packs, scrotal elevation, and pain medications for several weeks, although the pain usually subsides within two or three days. Elevate the testicles by placing a pillow under the mattress or wearing sports shorts. If the pain persists, surgery may be necessary.
Testicle infection pain. Bacterial or sexually transmitted infections—usually from unknown bacteria, but sometimes from gonorrhea or chlamydia bacteria—cause pain that gets worse by the hour. Although most people with testicular infection are sexually active, sexual contact is not the only cause of these infections. Any bacteria, especially bacteria that infect the urinary tract, can cause testicular pain.
When the testicle becomes infected, a bump is felt inside the skin that is red and warm to the touch. Urination may be difficult and penile discharge may be seen.
Inflammation of the epididymis is not an emergency like pus. But the severity of the pain may send you to the doctor immediately. The doctor treats it by prescribing antibiotics. You can also do things to help it.
take a rest Rest is effective in accelerating the treatment of epididymitis. Elevating the testicle reduces the pain.
take a bath Lying in a hot tub reduces swelling and pain and increases blood flow.
Ice compress. Compressing the testicle with ice also reduces pain and swelling.
Wear a scrotum. Wearing a scrotum, complete rest for a few days, and applying ice is enough to relieve pain from mumps.

– When should we see a doctor?
Pain in the testicle or its skin is associated with swelling, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, redness, genital secretions, or problems with urination.
genital pain
– What is the symptom of genital pain?
Penile pain comes in many forms, but it mostly manifests itself during erection.
Prolonged swelling of the penis, called hypereresis, may at first be mistaken for a normal erection. But its cause is the lack of regulation of blood circulation in the penis and is usually caused by injury or medication. Some men with diabetes or sickle cell anemia are prone to erectile dysfunction.
A blow may break the erect penis and lead to pain and even an erection. It may seem strange to break the penis but it is real and sometimes it may even turn up and bruise.
You’ll laugh about it when the pain from the impact wears off, but you’ll soon be in discomfort. Because even ejaculation cannot remove its false erection. You can’t hide the pain. The pain is like wrapping a rubber band around the finger; The pressure on the penis is too much and has made it painful.
This pressure is caused by the injury of the artery inside the penis. A lot of blood enters, but cannot leave. The urethra that passes through the penis may be damaged and cause an infection.
The penis is sometimes damaged without an erection. In this case, the impact does not cause much damage to the external part of the genital system and only causes damage to the vein, which leads to disability. A light blow anywhere from the tip of the penis to the anus can damage the artery and cause a blockage. Most people do not believe that half of the work of the penis is done inside the penis.
A fracture of the penis or erectile tissue may heal incorrectly or leave a scar if it does not lead to an erection. This scar effect not only prevents the blood flow, but also destroys the uniformity of the penis erection. Erection occurs naturally in all directions and if there is a weld, erection is not done in that direction. It’s like putting a ribbon on a balloon and blowing it up.
Infection or inflammation of the urinary tract also helps to create boils. Hardening of the artery inside the penis is seen in men with a type of contraction and stiffness of the hand called Dupuytren’s contracture.
Whatever the cause of the boil, the result is Peyronie’s disease, which means a painful and twisted erection of the penis. This torsion is not normally seen, but it may be severe enough to make close proximity impossible.

Treatment of genital pain
The biggest problem in the treatment of erection or painful swelling of the penis is not self-harm, but the hesitancy of a person to see a doctor. Prolonged erection without intercourse is dangerous because it destroys the erectile tissue. If this erection is not treated within 4 hours, serious problems follow, and if it is not treated within 12 hours, the damage becomes irreversible. The person is so worried and ashamed that he may lose his erection. But the longer the delay, the more permanent the tissue damage.
Go to the emergency room. Avoid embarrassment and go to the nearest emergency department immediately. With timely treatment, the chance of maintaining sexual potency is 100%. And without treatment, the probability of becoming disabled is between 25 and 75 percent.
Do not self-medicate. For years, home remedies have been suggested for long-lasting erections. Cold showers, ice water enemas, cold water compresses, etc., are not effective. These actions only delay healing and make the damage permanent.
Constrict the veins. If the erection is prolonged due to medication or the blood does not come out of the penis, the doctor may inject a medicine into it to constrict the blood vessels and expel the blood.
Take care of it. If the fracture is short and with little bleeding and no urinary tract infection, the doctor may only prescribe ice and refrain from intercourse until complete healing. Of course, the risk of disability and deformity after surgery is much less.
Less invasive treatments are better. When an artery inside the penis becomes ulcerated, the doctor does not always consider surgery necessary. Instead, a blood clot may be sent through the catheter through the ductus arteriosus and stop the blood. When the clot dissolves in the blood, the wound is healed.
If the urethra is torn, surgery is needed to prevent urine from accumulating in the penis.
Control your medications. Some drugs cause long erections by affecting blood flow. This complication is more common in some antidepressants and drugs used in head and back injuries. Improper use of drugs to create an erection can also cause long and painful erections. Show your doctor a list of all your medications.
– treatment methods
Peyronie’s disease may be painful, but surgery is not always necessary, and if the doctor deems it appropriate, he will recommend other ways to fix it.
wait. In about half of cases, if the involvement is mild, the pain, not the sprain, will go away within one to two years. But if closeness is not possible, or the pain is severe, surgery is necessary. Anyway, it is up to the doctor to decide and do not decide on this matter yourself.
Take vitamin E. Eating vitamin E helps a lot in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.
Ultrasonic treatment. Treatment with ultrasound beam may be effective in returning the flexibility of the weld site tissue. Injection of anti-inflammatory drugs is also useful.
surgery If surgery is necessary, the doctor will remove the hardened tissues. In severe cases, tissue transplantation is performed.

– When should we see a doctor?
– Painful erection or swelling of the body after intercourse for more than an hour.
– The penis has been damaged.
– The penis hurts during erection.

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